July 19, 2019-5th Trip to Branson

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What a wonderful morning-I slept until around 8:30. I did stir briefly before then when I heard someone getting ice out of the ice maker. But then it was right back to sleep for me. We had planned to leave this morning around 11 and it took us until right at 11 to get ready to go.

I did work on the laundry first then there were dishes. When I try to go back and list everything that we I did this morning, I really have a hard time thinking of exactly what I did do. At some point, I did make lunches for everyone. We had thought that making lunches at home would be easier but when Robby looked all around the kitchen at the mess that I had made, he mentioned that maybe making lunches in the car doesn't create such a big mess.

Around 11, we pulled out and headed to Branson. We stopped at our normal McDonalds and even saw someone that we know. Then it was back on the road. The hotel did call on the way to say that the credit card didn't work. Robby called them back, and they told him that they had cancelled his reservations. It was fine though since we had time to run over there before finding the Heltz at Silver Dollar City.

We had been worried about Reagan today so we tried to make it easier on her, but there just aren't too many ways to make things easy for her walking so much. She did fine and hobbled around much better when Alyssa showed her that she was wearing the ankle brace backwards. She did fairly well, but did ask for a piggy back ride from Robby at one point.

It was hot today and there seemed to be a lot of people at the park, but there were little waits on all of the rides. Some of us went on Time Traveler and others on Thunderation. The Time Traveler line is usually long but today we finished both rides at about the same time.

From there, we went to the log ride. Whitman and Robby rode it twice while the others went to Wildfire. Then it was on to some more roller coasters one right after the other. The kids love them and Whitman goes on any ride that he can and when he isn't tall enough, he is content to just sit around and drink our drink. 

By the way, we bought a cup which gives you free refills in the park. You can have cokes or even icess. We refill it probably about 10 to 15 times each day. Even though we paid a lot of money on that cup, those poor park people are losing money on our drink! We get a refill, down it and then immediately walk right back to the same place to refill it again. Now, we just need to see how we can split a bottomless milkshake at Disney World.

We stayed at the parks until almost closing at 7. Robby tried to walk ahead and so he could pick up Reagan and the rest of us, but Reagan didn't want to stop and sit so we almost walked the entire way back to the car before we met up with Robby.

Back at the hotel, some had showers while Robby and I worked on supper-chicken tortillas. We thought that this hotel didn't have a microwave so we brought our panini maker, but dang it we forgot our shredded cheese. No worries though-we had planned on cheese and crackers tomorrow at the park but used that cheese on the tortillas tonight and they were delicious. We don't know if they were so good because of the cheese or because of the panini maker.

As Robby and I were making that delicious meal, Whitman was taking a bath. He was in the bath when I walked in the room so I really paid no attention to what was happening. A few minutes later, Robby jumped up and ran to the bathroom. By Robby's reaction when he opened the door, I knew exactly what was happening! I looked over his shoulder and saw that the water was so high that Whitman was about to float out of the bathtub. Seriously, he was about to float over the top of the bathtub. There was water everywhere!

When we finished supper, we headed to Krispy Kreme to get doughnuts. Since the one at home has closed the kids have been in withdrawls. They even passed out hot ones-they were all delicious. Graham even tried to get a 4th doughnuts when we had to cut him off. Someone even suggested that we try to open one up at home and do it right.

Back at the hotel, the rest of the people had their showers while I sat in the boys room and did my blog. Then it was bedtime for the crew-but first medicine for Reagan and her leg, ice for her leg and ear drops for Keaton (she is getting over swimmers ear.)

Tonight as we were putting ice on Reagan's ankle, she unbandaged it and saw that it was even more bruised than earlier. There is now a bruise on both side of her ankle-this was almost too much for Reagan. She said that she felt sick just looking at it. We might have to take it a bit easier tomorrow!

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