July 8, 2019

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    • Campbell was stirring this morning before her alarm went off and before my alarm went off. She was beyond excited since she headed off to JoyWorks camp at Ouachita. This is the same camp that Robby and I both went to when we were young-same camp yet much different. 
    • I know that I have told the story on here before, but I will again. I went to music camp in the 6th grade and one of the counselors was Robby. I had the biggest crush on him, and when we went back to school, I told all of my friends that I was going to be Mrs. Tara Jo Dennie. Well, I now am-except my middle name is not nor has ever been Jo. Not really sure where they came from.
    • We packed the last few things in Campbell's bag and Keaton and Graham joined me in taking her to camp. There were quite a few more kids this year than last year when Reagan went. She would have liked to go again but leaves for her mission trip this week.
    • After waving bye to them, we headed home with Noah in tow. The boys have done pretty much nothing all day except play on their devices. They have gone outside for a bit and have done quite a bit of eating. 
    • Reagan did some painting this morning while Keaton, who is already a bit lost without Campbell, made cookies very early this morning. Keaton made her cookies all by herself-I did the oven work and scooping the cookies on to the pan but other than they she did it all. 
    • Robby brought the kids to meet me this afternoon at Third Realm. They all jumped and enjoyed jumping with all of their buddies. They played hard and were pretty worn out when we came home. 
    • I wasn't home for too long when I had to turn around and leave to take Whitman to his swim lesson. I bribed him well and he did "awesome"-his word. I was super pleased with how hard he worked. He swam like a champ...now only if he will do it tomorrow at the pool.
    • Whitman and I picked up burgers on the way home so that was supper for everyone. The boys eventually settled down to watch a movie...it was actually way too late to start a movie. They were quiet for a little bit and then it was bedtime.

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