July 20, 2019-5th Trip to Branson

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So this is my second blog since I just deleted the one that I worked on today in the car, and by the swimming pool and the one that I worked on as the girls were showering. Needless to say, this one might be a bit shorter than the other one that I have already worked on. 

I didn't sleep that well last night. Well, I didn't feel like I had slept very well, but my watch said that I did sleep over 7 hours. I did have some crazy dreams which did make my night a bit more entertaining. When I woke up though I felt super rested so that was good.

Most everyone opted for leftover doughnuts for breakfast. Keaton did walk to the breakfast area with Robby and me. I had a muffin while Robby had his sausage and biscuits. Keaton opted for the not traditional breakfast food of popcorn. 

We then drove on to Silver Dollar City. As we were driving up, we could tell that it was going to be a crowded day. Robby did mention that we were a bit later than he wanted for us to be. He dropped us off so Reagan wouldn't have to walk so far on her ankle. Yesterday was quite a bit for her, but she did seem to recover nicely last night. 

The kids split up some in line for Time Traveler and some in line for Thunderation. The lines weren't too bad but I couldn't figure out why they weren't open yet since it was after 9. Then I looked at the app to discover that the park wasn't open until 9:30 so that was good. The kids were able to ride those rides with the Heltz before we moved on to another ride or two or twelve.

My kids aren't afraid of anything and ride pretty much anything all of the time. Campbell is the main rider and won't ever sit anything out. When we split up with some folks going one way and others another way, she is the one who is torn because she wants to do both rides.

It was crowded and hot today. When we left, Reagan tried to take Whitman on the log ride, but after she saw the huge line she turned him around. Apparently, everyone was at the water rides and not on the roller coasters so the kids were able to ride quite a bit.

We stayed until noonish and then headed back to the hotel. We fired up the panini maker for our sandwiches. The kids said that they were better with the panini maker so I guess we will be taking it on trips from now. 

Afterwards, some folks climbed in the pool-Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. I went out there with them and since there was no shade, I sat under an umbrella and almost sweated to death. I was miserable and probably got a little bit too hot even though they just stayed for about 40 minutes. I should have gotten in the pool so I wouldn't have had to fry in the sun.

When the kids left the pool, Robby headed to the laundry room with the clothes. He washed clothes while I took my nap. He was napping while I had the kids swimming so I did feel like it was my turn and it was a super wonderful nap. When the laundry was finished, Robby and I folded it.

Then it was time for us to go shopping. We used our coupon at the Disney store and left with 3 shirts for Anderson, another shirt for Graham and one for me. Then we walked through the sweltering heat to the Vera Bradley store. Robby had a coupon and of course I found a bag-I do just love bags!

Supper was next but we sure didn't want to eat anything hot. Keaton and Whitman opted for McDonald's hamburgers while the rest of us had smoothies and half sandwiches from Tropical Smoothie. The smoothies were delicious and they cooled us off enough to head back to Silver Dollar City.

The park was open until 10 tonight and not only was it hot, but it was also crowded. We were still able to ride quite a few rides. The kids enjoyed seeing the park at night-I did not! It was a bit too dark for me so it was a bit difficult to keep up with everyone. 

We did find the clearance store along with a few funnel cakes. Everyone had fun and all enjoyed seeing the fireworks. Some of the kids were on rides or even in line for rides during the fireworks. Robby and I were behind some trees watching them-that is how we like to see them.

We stayed until after 10 and had to fight the crowds to get out of the park. We did ride a shuttle to the car which helped Reagan with a few steps. She was definitely slowing down by the end of the night. Once we made it back to the hotel, everyone had to shower, drink some water and go to bed. It is now 11:30, Campbell is watching tv, Reagan is on her ipad, Keaton is asleep and I still have my shower to take! It was a hot day but it was sure a lot of fun!

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