July 15, 2019-Happy 19th Anniversary

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  • It was an early Monday morning. I worked on getting my crew up and ready-Anderson and Graham while Robby focused on his bunch-Keaton and Whitman. We were able to get everyone in the car a bit after 7:30.
  • My car headed to McDonalds to pick up a smoothie for Graham and a breakfast burrito for Anderson (he wasn't crazy about his because of the peppers.) Then it was on to church for those two. The left for their mission trip to Fordyce. 
  • Anderson was pretty excited but Graham was a bit nervous. He will do just fine and will do wonderful. Though he even asked us the other day what would happen to him if he got sent home. I reminded him that he was not going to get sit home since he does the right thing. 
  • I have seen pictures of the boys from today. We also heard from one mom that was there that Graham is doing fine, and one dad wrote the Anderson worked hard and even knocked on some doors today. 
  • Robby had the Family Farm bus. He picked up Haley from the church house, and then he picked up Anna and Sophia. The kids were all excited about camp. Whitman was probably the lest excited. He, like Graham, was a bit worried. 
  • This evening when the campers came in, the report was that they all had a blast. They are all in the same group which is good because I know that Keaton will take care of Whitman. Their group climbed a rock wall, rode horses and did the paddle boats. Whitman did all of this so he did just fine today.
  • Back at the house, it was just Campbell, Reagan and I. Needless to say that it was a pretty quiet day. I did some chores and even worked some Legos with Campbell. Around noon we met some buddies at Third Realm. Reagan was still asleep so I didn't make her go with us. Though tomorrow she heard that we might go shopping so maybe she will wake up a bit earlier.
  • Tonight Robby and I went out to eat to celebrate our anniversary. We went to Red Door and unfortunately, won't be going back! My food was really pretty good as was the cheese dip. However, Robby's soup was so salty that he could not eat it. 
  • We then looked for some place to go and get ice cream or dessert, but there are no dessert places open late in this city. I guess we could make some money if we opened up a dessert place that stays open late except you can't scoop up milkshakes while traveling. 
  • We did stop at one dessert standby place-Kroger. We picked up what we needed for the week along with some Blue Bell ice cream-it is our anniversary after all. Though I think we are too full to eat any tonight.
  • Once we came home, the kids had leftover birthday cake and then we packed up lunches for tomorrow. Whitman had already asked his sisters if he could go to bed while we were gone tonight so he certainly didn't complain at all when it was bedtime. And he was happy to sleep in his box in the girls room. (And yes, we still have that huge trampoline box in my house!)

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