July 1, 2019

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  • This morning was really the only morning that we could sleep in for a little bit so we did. Then it was time to get moving and that we did. Trip packing day was fairly busy. Sunday morning that plan was to leave on Wednesday, but by Sunday afternoon the plan was to leave Tuesday. I know 24 hours doesn't make that big of a difference and yes, I am used to our plans moving up a day or even two at the last minute, but it still does add to the work I have to do.
  • It does help that I am keeping many of our trip things already packed and ready to go. For example, the boys have lately asked me about a football-I knew exactly where it was-packed in a box in the attic. They have more, don't feel sorry for them.
  • The kids did their school work (reading and one other something or another), I read to Whitman, Keaton and Campbell and then I decided that we needed a morning activity so we headed to Third Realm. The kids were all fussy getting into the car, but while we were there they were happy and content playing together. Maybe we should go with just us more often.
  • Once back at home, kids started on a few chores and lunch. I ran to my lady doctor for a check up and then to Walmart to buy a few last minute things as well as about 6,000 BBs for the kids bb guns. Seriously, if you had a metal detector it would be one solid beep in our yard.
  • Robby and the kids met me at the pool for almost 2 hours. We accidentally left the pool bag at home-that means no goggles and no floatee for Whitman. It was hot enough that Robby and then I had to get in so he was able to play in the deeper water some. But right now, he is content to just play in the little circle pool. 
  • After swimming, we headed to Dairy Queen on the other side of town-they were having a special night and things were 99 cents. We all had burgers and blizzards. This made everyone pretty happy. We sat outside in the shade, and it was a pleasant evening.
  • Once we got home, things went into high gear-there were lots of showers, lots of packing, lots of cooking (chicken and rice krispy treats) and lots of cleaning. Right now, everyone is in bed-dishes are running, laundry is drying and Robby and I just need to load our bags. 

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