July 14, 2019

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  • Let's see, after I finished my blog last night I did sneak downstairs and fold about 2 more loads of clothes. There was another one that Robby folded tonight, but at least the laundry was finished when I did go to bed....around 2:30. 
  • I did wake up right as my alarm was ringing. I went ahead and got ready before stirring the girls. Everyone in the this house was still asleep-even the boys. We had let them stay up as late as the girls. They were finishing the last of the Indiana Jones movies. 
  • Whitman had stayed up with the girls watching their movie, so he didn't even get a shower last night and of course, he didn't get one this morning. (He did have one tonight though.) I am looking forward to the Sunday morning that Whitman doesn't moan about it being a church day. I know that will happen one of these days, but it hasn't happened yet.
  • Everyone did stir fairly well. I did have to sing while waking up the girls. Soon it was time for me to start making their breakfast. I do use the term "make" fairly lightly since I was just heating up waffles from a box. 
  • Soon both cars were full (well, not really but there was 12 of us ready for church. A bit different today was that Campbell and Keaton sat on the row in front of us with some of their friends while Reagan sat with some of her friends. I made sure that I was right near Campbell and Keaton. While I didn't have to poke them during the service, I did give them the stink eye a few times.
  • When it was time for the invitation, Campbell looked back at me and asked if I was going with her. I said that I was and she headed down the aisle. When we got to Dave, he asked what was going on and she said nothing! Ha! I know the feeling. Finally she did tell him that she asked Jesus into her life. 
  • After church, I had a meeting for Campbell and Graham's camp next week. Of course, all I could think about during the meeting was having to pack Graham and Anderson for their mission trip this week. 
  • Campbell stayed with me for the meeting and afterwards, we hurried to Nonna's house to eat our lunch. They hadn't waited on us which was fine so we gobbled down our food so we could catch up and eat dessert with everyone else. 
  • We stayed there for a while, but since it was raining and since it was Sunday afternoon a nap was definitely in order. It was the best nap ever. After we had been sleeping for a while, a good while, the kids did start coming in asking for food. We eventually got up and started to work, and we had lots to do.
  • Robby cut the boys' hair while I packed Graham and Anderson for their mission trip. That took a little while even though they didn't have to pack as much as Campbell did for her camp. Next was packing lunches for the Family Farmers tomorrow.
  • Now as much as I do love the rain, I will admit that this is not the week for it. The boys were going to do most of their work outside this week and Family Farm is mostly outside so both places will have to move to their plan Bs. Hopefully, the rain won't be constant over the next few days.
  • Robby made our supper tonight, and we all ate together which hasn't happened in a while. Then there was lots of tv watching and ipad playing until bedtime. Tomorrow will be another busy day-actually, it will just be a busy morning!

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