November 1, 2019-Disney Trip Day 4

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The more I think about yesterday, the more I think that we will not be able to top it. The kids had so much fun at the beach, with their friends and trick or treating (even though it was a bit different than other years.) I think that Robby and I had just as much fun as the kids though, but I will admit that beach days are exhausting. Hopefully, the next few Disney days will be much more relaxing. 

We were planning on sleeping until 8ish or after, but I was awake much earlier-Campbell did turn off her alarms on her watch, but some of them were still going off early this morning. We loaded up which took a little bit. We were mostly loaded by the time that we finally woke Whitman up. We stirred him, he put on his clothes and gave him his medicine before he went outside to eat his non-sandy poptart (yesterdays was sandy since he ate it on the beach.)

The girls walked to the Crafts camper to tell them bye. Then they all came back to our cabins to tell Reagan bye. They even brought Gabriel to tell Anderson and Graham bye. As we drove out, we pulled by the Crafts to say our goodbyes. Then it was back over the causeway headed towards Disney Springs.

As we were driving over the bridge, Anderson shouted “A yellows Volkswagen!” With that shout, Keaton and Campbell completed the scavenger hunt. Everyone else still needs a deer crossing sign. They will keep watching for that while they are eating their candy rewards.

A second later, Campbell was then shouting “Dolphins.” Indeed I was able to see a few dolphins as well. Now, I am not too animally, so I did ask if they were dolphins or sharks. Campbell assured me that they were dolphins. 

It didn’t take us too long before we arrived at Disney Springs. We quickly found the Lime parking garage and walked to pick up those passes. Robby had bought our passes about 360 days before knowing that they expire in a year. We knew we were correct on the dates, but those dates were still a bit too close for comfort. 

It all worked out fine, and it was no problem at all. Soon we were leaving with our passes in hand. We did first walk by the NBA experience which Graham thinks he wants for Christmas. Then it was to the Star Wars store and the Lego store to please Anderson. 

In the parking garage, we made our lunches and repacked a few things. Then it was on to Hollywood Studios. We really didn’t know where we wanted to go today and had no real plans. It ended up being a pretty fun day.

We parked and thought about going into Hollywood Studios, but the bag check line was long enough that we changed our minds. So we took the Skyliner, our first ride, all the way to Epcot. It was really neat and didn’t take long at all.

As soon as we entered the back gates of Epcot, we walked right into the Mickey Mouse line. Whitman was so happy to hug Mickey. That is what he has wanted to do on this trip, and he can now check that off of his list.

Next up was Minnie. Keaton really wanted to see MInnie, and that line moved fairly quickly. Whitman didn’t want to see Minnie, but whispered to me as we left that Minnie kissed him. He was so embarrassed about this!

The crowds were pretty thick at Epcot, but we walked right on the Figment ride. It was fun-especially watching Keaton and Whitman on this ride. Then we went to the Land Pavilion and rode Living with the Land. It was neat to see, and the kids enjoyed shouting out the veggies that they saw.

Then we took a little break at Sunshine Seasons (or whatever the name is). We split an M&M cookie, a cheesecake and a really fancy cupcake. It was all really yummy. We enjoyed the little break, and the cup that we bought which could be refilled was refilled about 10 times while we were sitting there. It was just for one day, and we quickly got our money’s worth.

We walked towards Test Track. The plan was to ride in the single rider line, however, we quickly discovered that Whitman needed to be 7 to be a single rider. Everyone else went on that ride, while he and I went on Mission Space. 

I was a bit worried about Mission Space, but it was just fine. Whitman didn’t just think that it was just fine, he thought it was the best ride ever. He was ecstatic after the ride. He is really the perfect age for all of this. 

The others came back just as pumped from their Test Track ride. Our plan was ever changing so we decided to ride the monorail to Polynesian Resort for some Dole Whip. However, once we got to the monorail line, it was closed. 

So we walked back through Epcot and headed to Hollywood Studios via the Skyliner-except it was also closed. Ha! We jumped in the what looked like a super long line for the boat, but we were surprisingly on the very next boat. We were a bit crowded on the boat, but the 30 minute ride was a good chance to rest our legs-except for Anderson, Graham and Campbell who never got a seat.

I am not really sure when it became dark, but sometime between our boat ride and when we made it to Galaxy Edge, the new Star Wars area in Hollywood Studios. This was all for Anderson tonight. The new area is absolutely huge-we walked and walked and almost walked out the other side missing the Smuggler’s Run ride.

The wait was too long for everyone, but we did see that Single Rider line. Campbell and Keaton weren’t too sure about the ride, so they opted to go with Robby and Whitman. The plan was for them to ride on “some spinning ride” (Campbell’s quote), but it stopped working so they were able to see The Little Mermaid Show. Robby did say that Whitman said that he was ready to leave in the middle of it-about when scary Ursala popped up. 

Our line moved pretty well, but was fairly long. We did all end up on different ships, but everyone was please. I went first-we were given our job and color and then sent to a holding area. The others came soon after me with different colors, I offered to change if anyone wanted, but they all had what they wanted. Anderson wanted to be the gunner and was. Graham was the pilot and Reagan and I were engineers. 

My ride was so fun. The people were laughing and shouting during the whole thing. It is definitely one that I would like to ride again. We finished right before Robby and his crew, but all met right outside of the gates. 

It was then a short ride to pick up some pizza-enough for tonight and later in the week. Then at our hotel, we had ourselves a feast. We are in two rooms, and things were going smoothly. Well, we went to open our door while all weighed down with our suitcases and bags-I looked in the window and saw the room was a mess. Robby checked the number again, and we were on the wrong floor.

That would have been funny if that would have been all that happened-nope, as Whitman was pottying before his shower, the toilet was clogged up. It was not his fault since he doesn’t do his own wiping. Robby had to think quick since it was pouring out on the floor-and had to use the ice bucket. 

Bless it, the floor was soaking wet and things were a bit crazy. Thankfully, there was a laundry cart down the way. Robby grabbed enough towels to clean his floor and all was soon well again-except that they couldn’t use their potty! We are right next door, and they have our key in case they need to.

The plans for tomorrow are about the same as today-we are really sure yet! Kind of nice to have plans like that-except that our “no plan” day turned into a day with 20 thousand steps.

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