December 30, 2019

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  • I am still trying to be productive, but I believe that I have finished all of the fun things and am now to the not so fun things. I did clean the snack cabinet along with reorganizing everything under the bar this morning.
  • Then it was time to take Reagan, Anderson and Alyssa to the church house for game day. They said that there weren't too many folks there, but they also had a good time. Some friends, pizza and games-what more could you ask for.
  • Keaton went with me because she was cashing in on her Christmas present! Build a Bear! My bag was full of gift cards, and Keaton could hardly wait for us to get to the mall. She chatted the entire time that we drove there. She was so excited. 
  • I had never built a bear before either and was pretty excited myself. We took our time and walked around browsing before we did finally get started. She found herself two bears, a boy and a girl, and we began stuffing them. 
  • She had an idea of what outfits she wanted for them to wear, but she did change her mind a few times. We eventually found their perfect outfits and then made their birthday certificates. She could not have been any happier with her bears that she made. She is even planning on going back for her birthday.
  • We headed home for lunch with the others. Soon afterwards, Whitman went to work painting some more. He has now used all of the colors to create 2 canvases that pretty much look the same-orangy brown with a W in the middle. He is as pleased as he could be with them though.
  • I worked on school this afternoon and did what I seem to do constantly these days-pick up trash off of the floor. I am not sure where this trash is coming from, but gracious me. I could vacuum twice a day. (It actually would probably help if I did vacumm once a day.) Meanwhile, Campbell was baking some cookies-that girl loves to bake!
  • Anderson and Reagan came home this afternoon and told us all about their day. We then had a bit of downtime before we left with 3 middles-Graham, Keaton and Campbell. We ran to Walmart, Kroger and then ChickFilA for supper. We did bring the others some supper home so all were happy this evening.
  • Tonight after showers, Whitman worked his Lego set from Chrsitmas. He has had sets before but his overly helpful, Lego loving brother usually does more of the work. Tonight, Campbell and Anderson set there talking him through the build. I stayed near by to make sure that Whitman did everything himself. I was pretty impressed.
  • After that, I looked at the clock and it was close to 10 so it was to bed we all headed!

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