June 30, 2020

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  • I slept super late this morning. There was still laundry to do but not the dishes. We are some how off on our dishes routine so I am having to run the dishwasher at odd times during the day. Hopefully tonight we can get back on our running the dishwasher at night routine.
  • Whitman and I did our work together this morning. After we did our spelling, I helped him with his math. I do think that he has little motivation to do things quickly-this makes me crazy! I am afraid that I will be constantly telling him to do his school work when he is in the 5th grade still! I don't know if I can take it!
  • We all made time to do our together work this morning. That is mostly my favorite time of the day. I enjoy the books that we are reading, and I enjoy us all being together. When they was over the kids worked on their chores for a very tiny bit. And I say "very tiny" because it is looking like chores are being dong a "very tiny" bit around here.
  • Around 2, we loaded up to go to the pool. We did stop at Sara's to pick up our chairs from last night. When we pulled up, I said "only my boys will get out of the car." I meant my big 2 since I planned on them putting the chairs in the car. Sara passed two chairs to Graham and the next boy in line to get chairs was Whitman. I guess he knew he was supposed to help too-he is a boy after all.
  • We swam for about an hour and fifteen minutes when they closed the pool. I blamed Graham for pooping in the pool so we could go home. He did not instead the pump is broken. So that means no swim team for tomorrow-another day of sleeping in!
  • When we came home, Robby was working on putting together our new smoke shack furniture. It is pretty nice-I think that Robby will be spending even more time out there now. Often during the day, he disappears only to be found in his shed!
  • Tonight we went to Raymar for the kids to celebrate their last Terrific Tuesday. The kids enjoyed playing-but here's the highlights for me: Whitman played with some boys his age (he usually plays with the bigger boys) and Campbell picked up a load of trash without anyone asking her. Good things.
  • Reagan had Kennedy and Alyssa spent the night tonight. So currently, the girls are upstairs chatting away while we are letting the others stay up a bit later!

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