May 1, 2021

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  • It was an early soccer morning because Whitman had his first (and only) 8:30 game. We also had to pick up the ChickFilA for the fields on the way there. When our trunk was full of over 300 dollars worth of ChickFilA, we thought about skipping town and just having a big ole breakfast, but instead we headed to watch Whitman's team.
  • Whitman's team had not won a game until today. His little teammates were on fire today. I believe that all of our scores (at least 6) were scored by 2 of his friends. It was like a completely different team. Whitman had fun, and he was certainly glad to hear that he just has one more soccer game left this year!
  • Next up was Keaton's team's turn to play. They also won their game. Keaton didn't get to score today, but she played pretty fiercely-her little face was just as red as it could be. Then we had a break where we just sat and watched some more buddies play soccer.
  • During that time Anderson was a ref. Later in the day Graham had his soccer game to ref. And poor Reagan, who didn't feel all that great yesterday, was busy with reffing 3 games today. She was pretty hot and tired by the end of the day.
  • The dog was also pretty hot and tired by the end of the day. It was pretty hot during Campbell's game. We are all red, and Bentley spend the game trying to get in the shade under my chair. I kept trying to give her water, but her favorite treat was the ice from the ice chest. By the end of the game though she was sound asleep.
  • Campbell's game was last-you may think that Campbell is not much of a husstle-er, but man can she get after it. Her team also won their game-4-2. They haven't had much of a winning season, so they were super excited to win today. Poor Campbell-she had been goalie once, but no one else on her team wanted to be goalie. And since her dad is the coach, she had to be goalie the last period of the game.
  • Our sunburned, tired and sweaty crew rolled in and immediately started to help Robby pick up sticks in the yard. He had some mowing to do and needed some sticks gone. While he was working on mowing, I spend a good while unpacking from the day and repacking for the next soccer day. Soon my soccer bag turns into a swim bag and just like that the season's change.
  • There wasn't even time for a nap this afternoon. It seemed like all I was doing was laundry. I am not sure what has happened to us lately, but gracious we are doing laundry all of the time. 
  • Tonight we celebrated Tony's birthday at a habachi grill. Campbell really wanted for me to take a video of the man cooking-I couldn't bring myself to do it though. I did encourage her to ask to go there for her birthday.
  • After eating, we ran around a few stores while the kids were at home eating pizza and playing basketball. They were having a blast when we came home playing horse. Whitman, however, was in the kitchen scooping himself a big bowl of ice cream! It is funny that he never things to make himself lunch, yet he knows where the ice cream scoop is and can serve up a bowl of cookie dough ice cream like a pro.

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