May 10, 2021

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  • Ah, our first day of summer vacation around here, and I worked harder today than all of last week put together. I spent most of my time getting things ready for the next few days around here. There are lots of things that need to happen and lots of lists to make.
  • After making more lists that probably necessary, I did load up my sleepy crew and head to the dentist with everyone. Six dentist appointments and only two cavities (Keaton and Campbell). I will definitely take that as a win. Reagan came bopping out of that dentist office-she was so proud that it was finally not her with a cavity. Anderson had also stressed himself out about having a cavity so he was pleased as well.
  • This isn't surprising, but we were told that Anderson (slight misalignment), Graham (more misalignment) and Campbell (missing a tooth) will all need to get braces soon. We knew that was all coming, but yikes. 
  • We did celebrate the only two cavities with frostys from Wendys. It did take us about 30 minutes to get those frostys, but since I was thanked about 5 times then I would say that they were worth it. Graham and Anderson then ran in a store with me since we were on the hunt for them some shorts.
  • Back at home, there was more working in the camper for me. Robby and the little girls ran a few errands and went to Grannymom and Grandpa's house for a little bit. 
  • Tonight we had toasted ravioli for supper-Robby and I both talked about it being the highlight of living in the dorms and eating the cafeteria food. 
  • After our meal, Robby went back to the camper to start checking on things before we leave-and he found a flat tire. That was unexpected and disappointing. However, it is the perfect timing-he already had a jack arriving tomorrow and there is plenty of time before we leave to get things fixed. Hopefully, the fix will be easy and smooth. This is just a good reminder of why you are prepared and why you double and triple check all of the important things.
  • That all did kind of bum Robby out, but since there was still some cheesecake left he went to bed happy. Bentley also went to bed happy-Campbell gave her a bath tonight and she just snoozed for the rest of the evening afterwards. She will also go to bed happy tonight because we took out the divider in her kennel-it is now the entire thing so she will have plenty of room to stretch out.

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