May 3, 2021

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  • Robby was the first one awake this morning. He quietly tip toed to the shower so he wouldn't wake me or the dog. However, he quickly awoke Bentley. He took her to the bathroom, and then he started his shower. When she did come back from the bathroom, he put her in bed with me which is where she stays in the morning times after her first potty. Tonight, I put her in my room when I went to tell the kids goodnight. She first laid on the floor, but then she found her spot in the bed where I think she might plan on staying for the rest of the week. 
  • The kids were up fairly early this morning-Campbell was in my room by 7:45. So by the time we normally start on school, I had already marked off quite a few things from my list. The most fun task today was stripping clothes in the bathtub upstairs. 
  • I followed a recipe and put about 4 different cleaners in a bathtub full of stinky clothes (think pajama shirts, Robby's undershirts, and dish towels). Then I stirred them every hour for about 5 hours. The water turned black-I mean black. Now, was that because the clothes were filthy or because a chemical reaction happened. I won't know until I get the clothes out of the dryer in a few minutes-maybe I will remember to tell you.
  • We did our school work today-everyone was fairly mellow. Reagan did forget she had a zoom call. I forgot to remind her, but that was fine because she soon received an email from her teacher say that she had mastered things and didn't have to do the last few exercises. That was nice to hear.
  • Folks finished school fairly early this morning. I did have to work with Reagan on her last essay, but soon it was time to take the big boys to their discipleship group at church. While they were there, I did a few things on my computer and ran to the library. 
  • When we came home, I was just there for about 15 minutes before it was time to turn around and leave again. Keaton had soccer practice tonight, so Anderson and I ran to get a supper at Freddys. He had a hamburger, and I had ice cream. 
  • When we made it home, I pulled out leftovers and some of the kids eventually headed outside to play. We have been outside a lot today looking for a shoe. Anderson has lost one of his shoes-we have to assume that last night's stray dog took it away. Ugh, of course Anderson is my child that just has one pair of tennis shoes-now he just has one right tennis shoe. That will be tomorrow or Wednesday's project-finding him another pair of shoes. 
  • I did make time to play a longest game of memory with some of the kids. It took forever because there were so many cards. Thankfully, the game did eventually end, and when it did end, I was the winner.
  • The kids took a long while to calm down tonight when they went to bed. Keaton came down with tooth that she had just pulled and Whitman came down later saying that Anderson was keeping him awake. Currently, it sounds like everyone is asleep-fingers crossed!
  • And clothes update-I don't think that it helped Robby's stained t-shirts. However, the shirts that were kind of stinky and even had a yucky feel, don't seem to smell right now. We will see after a few wears if this really did make a difference. 

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