May 14, 2021-Devil's Den Round 2

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Robby and I both get a little bit giddy on trip days so much so that it causes us to wake up early. We probably should have trips planned every week day so we wake up and start moving. By 8, 2 loads of clothes were folded, showers taken, dishes emptied, and the dog had pottied a few times. We were  moving.

The plan was to leave around 10, and it was about 10:15 when we did pull off. I ran to pick up Noah a little bit before we left, and he rode with us. The kids are pretty good about helping us pack and load the last few things. The only thing so far that we needed has been an earring back-Reagan lost hers half way here. In the white van, I carry spare earring backs-I guess that I should in this rig too.

It took about 4 hours to get here. We stopped once for gas-Robby says that you have to stop to fill up at some point on the way here or on the way home, plus he likes to park this when it is full so that means he will fill up when we get home. All that to say, we got gas on the way here. Bentley was glad that we did so because she needed to use the restroom.

The gas station had a dog park area-fenced in area. Robby told me to take her over there so she could run a little bit. I didn't want to go because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to catch her-bless it, when we went inside, Bentley didn't leave my side. 

There was a bit of traffic on the way up here-I didn't notice too much because I took advantage of us to make the kids lunches. Most folks wanted corndogs so I heated them up in the microwave as we were sitting in the traffic. I had hummus and Robby had a ham and cheese croissant. There was also 2 bagels and a hot pockets. There are some benefits to traveling in a moving house.

We were the first ones here this afternoon. That was fine with us-we had plenty of time to set up without people watching us-which meant that we could sit down and watch all of our buddies have to set up their camp. The kids helped some, but really all they can think about is getting the bikes off the back and pulling out scooters and skateboards from the back of the car. 

The boys do understand that they have to help more than the girls do. Of course there are lots of things that we need them to do-the bikes are difficult, the tent is cumbersome, the trailer is heavy-we do put them to work. Whitman was even handed the blower to blow off the picnic areas. 

With Bentley, we have one helper that is out because they are having to walk her since she needs to potty after the ride. Keaton helped put out the mat while she was zooming around on the skateboard. Our spot is across the loop from where we were last time. Some folks are on the other side, but in the middle is the big grassy field. In December, things were wet and no one was able to play or even walk out there. 

However, today there have been volleyball games, kick ball games, basketball playing, and even foursquare happening. Plus the loop is pretty perfect for the kids to ride their bikes and things around. We can pretty much see them the entire way. Now, this place has filled up quite a bit so there are lots of campers.

The Fergusons arrived next followed by the Heltz and Crafts. Soon the Kamps showed up in their new pop up (which is surprisingly nice and roomy). The big kids ended up taking a walk to the visitor's center while the rest of us just sat around. It was super pleasant outside-I just had on my light jacket, not my long underwear and multiple jackets that I packed just in case that I need them.

There are 22 kiddos in our group so we do take up a lot of space and probably make a lot of noise. But everyone seems to be having a good time. Tonight for supper, we tried something new-fried rice and lo mein noodles. I will say that it was definitely a winner, and we will make them again sometime. Of course, as Robby and I often do-we go big. We had enough fried rice that we gave out plates to extra kids, fed extra adults, and still had leftovers. We probably could have fed the whole crew here tonight. I probably will even have some of those leftovers tomorrow for lunch.

After supper, it seemed to get dark fairly quickly. After setting around for a little bit, it was soon time to get the s'mores out. We brought the chocolate, and my campsite had the fire so the party was at our house. All of the kids really enjoy making s'mores-well, who doesn't? I didn't get any pictures through because I was busy unwrapping Hershey candy bars as fast as I could for all of the kiddos.

It was nearly 11 when we all finally headed into the camper. It takes us a good while to get everyone situated and find all of the blankets. When the kids do get into bed, I think that they are all pretty tired and don't stay awake too long! I know that I won't stay awake too long tonight!

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