May 17, 2021-Mississippi Gulf Coast

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Our morning started super early for us, and trying to wake the kids up at 6:30 was nearly impossible. The only thing that helped get them moving was knowing that we were going on a trip. This trip is a different type of trip than we have taken lately since we drove in the big ole white van. 

We determined that it has been over a year since we have gone on a trip in the van-Jan/Feb of 2020 to Florida to be exact. After that there was Covid and nothing was happening, and then the camper came along which has really changed how we travel. So yes, this van trip was like a novelty to us.

And I am happy to report that we do all remember how to travel well in the van. Even Bentley followed suit and did perfectly well on the ride down to Gulfport, Mississippi. We picked up Grannymom and Grandpa around 7:30 and then hit the road.

We stopped once this morning for a potty stop. I am not sure who had to go to the bathroom more that time, the kids and I or the dog. The next stop was McDonalds for lunch-that was plan B. Plan A had been a rest area but the rain had started back so we weren't able to have a picnic lunch. However, when we climbed out of the van a McDonalds someone shouted at us that they were not open inside. So we them moved on to Plan C-back to a picnic lunch but in the parking lot of a fruit stand. 

The kids ran into the use the bathroom while Grannymom and I made lunches. Then Robby drove for a little bit longer before I drove the next leg of the trip. And let me tell you, some how I always end up driving in big cities, in heavy traffic or in a downpour. Today it was a down pour. Thankfully the rain didn't last too terrible long-at least the heavy part. It was kind of odd that I even had to wear my sunglasses while I was driving in the rain-it was still kind of bright outside.

Robby then drove us on into Gulfport and to our little house on the beach. Now, our house isn't really on the beach but is maybe 2 or 3 blocks away. Grannymom, Grandpa and most folks took a walk on the beach while Robby and I put away our things. There is just a lot of things for all 8 of us. And bless it, even though we went to the store tonight, we probably didn't have to-I have packed enough food for this whole neighborhood.

Keaton, Anderson, Bentley and I headed over to the beach next. You have to cross some pretty good traffic to get over there so I did pick Bentley up since the cars kind of spooked her. However, she was not spooked at all by the sand-she loved it. Too bad she can't really get on the beach because I think that she would really love it.

We just walked for a little bit and then walked around a nearby street to look at the houses. A hurricane must have caused some damage here recently, because all of the houses nearby the beach are new. We pulled out taco salad ingredients-heated up the meat and made some cheese dip and had ourselves a big Mexican meal before heading out to go and find some ice cream.

It was the most beautiful drive to the Creole Creamery in Bay St. Louis. The ice cream did not disappoint-really, ice cream pretty much never does disappoint. Robby and I split a sampler ice cream where we had 6 different ice cream choices. It was pretty delicious. The kids all had waffle cones except for poor Keaton who does not like ice cream and had herself some oreos when we came back to the house.

On the way back, we did stop at Walmart to grab some milk, sausage, eggs, zip ties and yogurt. Yes, there is always something strange that is needed-zip ties are to hopefully fix the inverter that charges all of the peoples devices as we zoom down the road. Having fully charged devices is very important to us all!

We had a few minutes of down time before it was finally time for all of the kids to head to bed. The dishes are washing but the laundry is on hold for tomorrow-it really is a vacation!

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