May 29, 2021-Memorial Day Weekend in Memphis

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We slept wonderfully well last night, but that seems to be the case most of the time when we are in the camper. Bentley slept until 7:40 and then promptly went back to bed just like everyone else. We all slept until 9-ish. 

Breakfast this morning was bacon, sausage, and lots of pancakes. Campbell has become the pancake maker here. I did make the batter this morning, but then she quickly went to town on the pancake cooking. Most everyone prefers the pancakes with chocolate chips, so those are her specialties.

After the breakfast clean up, we ventured on a trail. It was pretty woodsy, and I am afraid that it was pretty poison ivy-ish. Ugh, we did make Graham take a shower and wash himself with Dawn dishsoap as soon as we get back to the camper.

The trail was pretty unlevel with lots of walking up hill and down hill. We decided to take Bentley today, and Robby and I both had treats in our pockets because on normal walks, Bentley just stops and doesn't want to go any more.

However, as soon as she got on the trail, she was ready to go. She pulled and pulled for the first mile. We had never seen anything like it. Graham eventually got her to the front of our group, but she continued to pull. He had thought that she wanted to catch up with the others, but no, she just wanted to go.

We guess that we walked nearly 2 miles before came to the exit of the trial nearest the playground. From there most of us walked on towards the playground while Robby, Wes and Anderson walked towards the campground to pick up the cars.

They returned with Anderson driving our van. Robby had a bag of balls and snacks. The snacks were quickly eaten and a kickball game was quickly began. The game ended up being the girls and Wes against me and the boys. The boy team quickly won, but since we were in a fenced off baseball field, Hooper and Bentley were able to run free.  Hooper did more running than Bentley. She pretty much just walked around and then would find a spot and lay down near someone.

It was nearly 2:30 when we made it back to the camper. We pulled out lunch, and soon the boys were watching the Hogs play baseball. By the end of the game, the men folk went to pick up supper. Each family bought their own Memphis BBQ. Then we all potlucked our sides-baked beans, mac and cheese, potato salad and chips. The sides were much better than the BBQ-well, Robby did say that the ribs he bought were very good and the banana pudding that he also bought was pretty good.

For dessert, everyone made s'mores, but made them inside of an ice cream cone. That was different, but it sure wasn't my favorite. I am glad that we tried it, but I won't have to try it again! The kids loved it-anytime you let kids have free rein with m and ms, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, chocolate chips, oreos and whip cream-you know that they are going to enjoy the dessert.

Since it was almost 1 last night when the crew went to sleep around here, we made sure that we were in the camper much earlier. Well, all of us but Reagan was in the camper early-Alyssa and Reagan are sleeping in a tent tonight. They set it up themselves and tucked in there-they have sleeping mats, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, a heater, a noisemaker, and phone chargers so I am think that they are going to be just fine. Oh, they even have a walkie talkie just in case they need it.

It is 11:52 right now, and the lights are off in our camper. I think that most folks are probably already asleep. I have already had my shower so when my blog is finished, it will be bedtime for me too.

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