May 11, 2021

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  • So Bentley has been waking up at 6:10 the last few mornings. I had read that dogs are very sensitive to light and wouldn't you know it, sunrise is at 6:09. Interesting. I will be very curious to see what she will do in the pitch black camper-fingers crossed that she does sleep better.
  • Now instead of being upset that she wakes up early, we certainly are not. We know that we should get on up and start our day, but instead I just look at the clock and go right on back to sleep happy as I can be since I have a few good hours of sleep left before time to start my day.
  • Now Robby didn't sleep the morning away this morning. He was up and gone before it was time to start work. His mission for the day-change the tire. He ran to buy some things that he needed. Yes, he could have borrowed them but since this is the second tire problem we have had, he is going to be prepared. 
  • By lunch, the tire was off and on it's way to the repair shop. Unfortunately, it couldn't be repaired, but that is fine. Robby replaced it and was still grateful that none of this happened zooming down the highway or Friday morning. The new tire is on the camper snugly, and the tire pressure system is now programmed correctly and working well.
  • I did lots of packing again today. It is kind of funny that a person can work all day and really not be able to see any progress. However, at noon we left for our afternoon out. The first stop was at Nonna and Pops' house briefly. We were dropping off Pops' sock of the month club socks. Then we went to the library-Campbell and Keaton left the place with books galore like they had never been to the library before.
  • The big even today was volunteering at the Arkansas Foodbank. We do this occasionally, but this was a big day because Whitman is now old enough to go with us. I do think that everyone enjoys the foodbank-it is work though. We are there for 3 hours, and other than a 15 minute break we work the entire time.
  • Today's task was a bit confusing-we had to check dates. There are two different types of dates-expired by and best if used by. Then some things past the date were fine and others were not. Then if things were ok on the date, we would have to tape them up if they were broken, and finally we would have to put things in the correct category of boxes. While the man was explaining everything, Whitman asked me if I would help him. I think he was a bit overwhelmed-but so were we.
  • I began with setting things out for Whitman to put in the right places, but soon he was doing it without my help. We would work and empty a pallet of stuff, and as soon as we did they would bring another one to us. It seemed to be never ending. 
  • Lily came to our house and Campbell went to the Kamps when we headed home. I wasn't home too long before I headed to my puppy kindergarten graduation. I had asked everyone if they wanted to go with me-Campbell had, but she was gone, Whitman had, but he changed his mind, Keaton had, but she had a friend over, Anderson was playing his ipad, Graham was playing his xbox, but surprisingly, Reagan wanted to go with me. 
  • I was glad for her company, and I think that she enjoyed it. We had to do an obstacle course with our dogs not on the leash. Thankfully, Bentley did not embarrass me-bless one dog pooped in the middle of her turn. We did okay-at least we didn't poop everywhere. And really she didn't run away from me and make a scene so that was good. So we did finish the class and earned a certificate, a dog toy and a some treats.
  • Back at home, we headed up some pizzas and ate before I ran to get Campbell. I then had the kids finish their chores and school before I went to the camper to pack for the evening. I am currently cooking rice for our Friday night meal of fried rice and soon it is bedtime for my crew.

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