May 28, 2021-Memorial Day Weekend in Memphis

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We woke up around 3:30 with Graham at our bed. Of course when someone wakes me up in the middle of the night it is usually because someone has thrown up, so I jumped up before he could even start talking. He then whimpered to me that his ear was killing him.

He has had a cold for a few days and even complained of his ear hurting a little last weekend. So on Monday morning I asked about his ear, and it was fine. However, it was not fine last night. I started rummaging through my medicine box and did find some antibiotic drops along with some ibuprofen.

However, that was not the medicines that I was looking for. I gave him those, and then headed to the camper at 3:45 in the morning in the rain to see if I could find ear ache relief drops. And poop, I sure didn't have any. I think that I just threw them away since they were years past their expiration date. 

I did put a warm wash cloth and then a heating pad on his ear. It took him a while to go to sleep, but it also took Robby and I a while to get back to sleep. By the time that I had Graham settled, Robby had already found where I needed to take him in the morning for a check up and made sure that our insurance worked there. He also checked what pharmacy would be open early too.

At 7ish, Bentley woke up to go to the bathroom, and I only stayed in bed a bit longer before getting ready. I then woke up Graham who was thankfully sleeping soundly. Poor Bentley is used to sleeping in our bed after her morning potty. There was none of that this morning-I think that she did sleep a little bit by Robby in the floor of his office closet.

Graham and I were at the doctor before 8. I think that we were the first people in the building. It is all different now with the silly covid rules. It took us nearly an hour, but we did find out that he had a pretty good ear infection-she thought that his eardrum might even burst. The doc prescribed him some meds along with telling me how much ibuprofen to give him, and then we were on our way.

We went to Kroger to pick up his medicine. He wanted to go to Sonic, but since we were tight on time, I told him he could find something at the grocery store. He was quick to decide on a P3 (a grown up lunchable) and I suggested a drink to go along with it. Then we grabbed his medicine-pills. I asked if he could swallow them, and he assured me he could.

By the time that we left the parking lot, he had swallowed his first pill. Golly, I was certainly proud since I can not swallow anything but tiny pills. We hurried home and were home for about 30 minutes before we pulled out in the camper heading for Memphis.

The kids were up and most of them were ready. I encouraged people to brush their teeth and make their beds while I worked on the laundry and the dishes. I hate coming home to unmade beds along with laundry or dishes. Though this morning Robby did wash our sheets, so they are still in the dryer so yes, I will come home to an unmade bed and laundry!

It didn't take too long at all to get the T. O. Fuller State Park in Memphis. The bridge traffic was a bit wild. We followed the GPS and left the interstate which probably wasn't a good idea. The traffic that we got into was just stopped while the interstate at least continued to move.

We did stop once somewhere on the way because we did forget ice cream. Of course there was something else as well-icing-that I needed. While I ran into Walmart, Robby helped the kids make their lunches. I have been eating salads that I made Sunday and put in jars. This was my last one so I did have to have a picture of it.

When we pulled into the campsite, we quickly found spot and pulled in. This is a pull through which is nice. Then we worked on leveling. Leveling this time was a bit tricky but we got it to work. We have to be high enough in the front for the kitchen sink to drain, and we have to be higher on the left for the shower to drain well. Our front left was the lowest today, so it took all of our blocks to get the front end high. We did it and shouldn't be so slanted that we roll out of bed or anything. (Though Keaton might because we have taken the railing down from the top bunk, and we are trying out a pool noodle tucked under her sheet.)

Then we worked on all of the other set up-hooking up, slides, tent, rug, lights, bikes-and the list just keeps going. This morning, I told Robby that camping is really a lot of work, and I can see why some folks don't like it. But we really do love every minute of it-we are worker people, plus we just enjoy this type of work.

After things were set up, the kids quickly found the playground. Robby and I did walk the loop to check things out a little bit. Before too long it was time for us to start on our supper. We should have probably just tried one new thing and not tried everything new-but other than grilling our bread, everything we ate tonight was a new grilling/cooking adventure for us.

We aren't steak people, but Reagan sure is so we had steak tonight. Then we also grilled some chicken. Also there was corn on the cob that we grilled in their husks. And hassleback potatoes that we made in the dutch oven (though I had to finish them in the microwave.)

Our meal was pretty excellent though I was disappointed that the potatoes weren't any better. Those are something that I am going to have to try again. The chicken was great, and I think that the steak people were at least pleased. And the corn was pretty tasty as well. 

After supper was cleaned up-which took a while, we went to work on dessert. Chocolate cake made in the dutch oven. We did have a brief crisis when we realized that we didn't have any eggs yet. Jennifer was bringing us some fresh eggs so we didn't pack any. We quickly googled nearby stores, looked to see who would be good a neighbor to ask for 3 eggs, and then found lists of egg substitutes-we are limited on our ingredients in the camper, but yogurt and flour was on the list so that is what we had and used.

We took a walk while the cake baked over the coals. When we came back it was almost done was just about perfect. Well, it wasn't that great, but it was hot and it was fun to make. We did top it with Blue Bell ice cream so yes, it was perfect.

After 10:30 the Heltz and the Fergusons arrived. There kids were still awake too, so all of the kids came out to play and chat for a little bit. We all had to be quiet since it was quiet hours. Around midnight, Jennifer went in with her boys so I went in as well and went to work turning this moving house into 8 beds for everyone.

By the time Robby shooed the kids in, all of the beds were pretty ready. Bedtime didn't seem like it took anytime tonight. After everyone brushed their teeth, it was soon lights out-after midnight so I am sure that folks will be tired tomorrow.

Graham update-he hasn't really complained of his ear all day. He did say that it felt full, but he has had 3 doses of medicine plus has been taken ibuprofen regularly. Hopefully, he sleeps perfectly well tonight.

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