May 26, 2021

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  • If you are keeping count, this morning when Bentley crawled into our bed after her morning potty she laid her head on top of my head. At least she has moved away from laying on my neck. 
  • I started the day with the laundry and dishes before finally making sure that Reagan was awake. She left with me pretty early for her this morning. We went to get her hair cut-she wanted it layered, and I think that she was pleased with the outcome.
  • Then we did a few errands-Kohls and Lowes-before meeting everyone else at Grannymom's house. Well, Graham and Whitman opted to stay at home, but everyone else joined us as we headed to the Gucci Goodwill.
  • That was certainly the highlight of the day for my people. Campbell and Keaton found a snapcircuit set for Whitman which was practically brand new. Anderson found himself a few hundred baseball cards and also chatted with Graham to see if he wanted a box as well which he did. 
  • Let's see Keaton bought a shirt and a pair of pants, Campbell found 3 shirts, and they both bought two large stuffed animals (I couldn't talk them out of it.)  Reagan found a shirt, a sweater, a goose tiny pot and two ceramic clowns. Again, I tried to talk her out of those as well.
  • Grannymom did find a dress and a shirt so I guess that everyone left with something except for me. Well, I did buy a stuffed toy for Bentley, but I don't think that that counts. The girls were quick to wash all of their stuff while the boys went to town trying to figure out what to do with all of their baseball cards.
  • I spent a good deal of time packing the food in the camper today. Robby did mention that our food packing seems like a lot of work, but it really isn't that bad-and of course, I pack way too much and always have tons left to bring back in the house after a trip.
  • The only other activity that we had today was for Reagan. She had a swim/tiedye party at a friend's house. We picked her up at 9 or a few minutes after. By the time we dropped all of the people off, it was nearly 10. We enjoyed the drive around though-and it kept us from doing any real work back at home-like cleaning this house.

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