May 18, 2021-Mississippi Gulf Coast

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This was not exactly the beach day that we had planned, but it was a pretty perfect beach day for me. The rain derailed our plans a little bit-well, maybe even a lot. However, we managed to completely fill the day.

We started our morning with pancakes and sausage. Then we loaded up and headed to the Waveland Ground Zero hurricane museum. A few miles down the road is the town of Waveland, Mississippi which was ground zero during Katrina. The town of Gulfport was pretty much destroyed during that time as well. 

In fact the house that we are staying in is older than 15 years old so it must have survived Katrina, but it also must have been badly damaged because all of the houses between us and the beach are brand new. I watched a video today of different houses and buildings in this town before Katrina, right after Katrina and today. Most things here do not seem to have been rebuilt.

Back to the museum though. It was just a free little county museum which was pretty interesting. They had a line drawn near the ceiling which showed where the water had reached. Also, they said that many folks survived Katrina because it happened during the daylight and they were able to see their way out of wherever they were. 

Reagan came right after Katrina so none of the kids really remember it like we all do. They still played along and learned a thing or two. We did reward them with a quick trip to the playground when we were finished with the museum.

Then we came back to the house for our lunch. We pulled out the sandwiches and all of the fixings. The day was rainy off and on. It seemed more rainy as we planned to go to the beach this afternoon. We have been walking Bentley fairly often up and down the little street that we are on, and it seems that each time we walked her, it isn't raining but by the time that we get home it is sprinkling some.

We could have walked to the beach, but Robby drove us since we had a few things with us. It was completely unlike the beach in Floriday-we were the only folks around. Campbell and Whitman loved playing in the water-only up to their knees. Graham and Anderson worked really hard on sandcastles. Reagan mostly watched from the lawn chairs while Keaton pretty much avoided all things salt and sand since she feels that it makes her skin itchy.

We stayed for probably over and hour, and it was the perfect amount of time to stay at the beach for me. Back at the house, folks started on showers. When they finished most of us ran to a beachy store to look around. Of course most of the girls found shirts to buy. Reagan even found a ring and Keaton an ankle bracelet. 

Then it was back to the house to pick up the others. Our Plan A for supper was outside and the wind and spitting rain made that a no go. Plan B was closed so we opted for Plan C-which Robby said he would also rate as a C+. We ate Murkey Waters BBQ. 

It was definitely a lively place. The food was pretty good, but probably not the greatest. Robby and I had nachos which I liked, but the chips became soggy way too quickly. It did definitely kill hunger. Campbell and Graham had wings which they thoroughly loved.

On the way home, I ran into the only store that was open-the Dollar Tree. We are running out of toilet paper in our bathroom. Robby also thought that I needed some meds since I have a cough. I don't feel bad at all, but do have a pesky little cough. Of course while I was running up and down the aisles with everyone in the car, I did find a few other things. I love a good Dollar Tree and they are all so different. I probably could have stayed in that one for a little bit longer.

Back at the house, we played a few rounds of Sleeping Queens before finally calling it a night. Well, the plan is to call it a night, but I must now go and tuck in all of these children.

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