May 9, 2021-Happy Mother's Day and Happy 89th Birthday (Party) Grandpa!

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  • Bentley woke up at 5 this morning. We weren't really sure why she did, but she wasn't headed back to bed without getting out to go potty. So Robby took her and then brought her back to our bed. I now think that the dog woke up and decided that our bed was more comfy-so I fully expect this to happen again tonight. 
  • We were in a rush to head to church this morning since in lieu of our traditional Mother's Day breakfast (Robby and the kids make me waffles and I act surprised when they bring them in to me), we headed to pick up doughnuts.
  • Of course we only had about 9 gallons on gas left when we got into the car. So when Robby stopped for doughnuts, he just parked at the gas station. Since the line was out of the door at the doughnut place, I asked him if he wanted me to get the gas while he was getting the doughnuts-he was pretty adamant that I could not do that. I think that he was afraid that I would later give him a hard time about me having to pump my gas on Mother's Day.
  • Church was good-15 kiddos in our Sunday school class. More and more kids keep coming back which is a wonderful problem to have. After church, we headed to Dana's house to celebrate Mother's Day and Grandpa's 89th birthday. 
  • Dana had bbq for lunch, and everything was delicious. The kids played outside some and then Grannymom and Grandpa both opened up some presents. We soon left so we could get home to let Bentley out of our kennel. She had been in for a long time but didn't have a problem.
  • What she did have a problem with was with going back to sleep for my Sunday/Mother's Day nap. At first our nap was not a nap at all. I can't complain too much since I was one of the ones hoping to get a dog! 
  • Eventually Robby (and Bentley) did get up, and I was able to finish my nap. Afterwards, I worked on this week's to do list-it's a wee bit long, but I'm not stressed at all because we are finished with school. 
  • The Wilsons all came over for a little bit tonight. They brought some supper and I supplemented with some of our leftovers, and we made a meal of it! We all visited for a while and watched the dogs play.
  • When they headed home, we started picking up the house and some of the kids had showers before it was bedtime. 

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