May 31, 2021-Memorial Day Weekend in Memphis

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Once again there is nothing better than camping sleeping. And Reagan would probably agree that there is nothing better than tent sleeping. I think that she had a great time sleeping in that tent. 

The last morning is always spent packing up. We do it slow and steady so it doesn't seem like too much work. Reagan was already working on packing up the tent when I saw her and asked Anderson to help her. Both big boys helped quite a bit with everything. We even had Whitman hauling trash to the dumpster with his brothers.

Check out was noon, but we were rolling out a little bit before then. We spent 3 nights on this trip-and it was 3 nights with sewer hook up. That means that we couldn't dump our grey water (sink, shower water). Wes bought a contraption to haul and dump that water at the dump station so we did use that two days. Sometimes you are able to run that water to the woods, but that is often frowned upon. 

However, we also filled up our black tank (potty water) this morning. That wasn't too big of a problem since we were right by the bath house. Robby could have easily unhooked and drove to dump yesterday, but we were glad to see just how long we could go. So now we know, in 3 days 8 people fill up that black tank-that is a lot of poo!

On our way out of the park, we did do our dumping-I used to think all of this is gross, but really now it is all kind of interesting to me. Don't tell Robby that or he will have me doing all of the dirty work. We then waited on everyone else and headed back towards Arkansas.

It took us no time at all to get over the bridge. Friday when we arrived, we were pretty worried about getting back across because of all of the traffic, but that wasn't an issue today at all. We didn't stop at all on the way home-Bentley did great and we didn't have to stop at all. 

Campbell and Keaton rode home with the Heltz. They stopped for gas so we made it home a bit before they did. We unloaded the car-well, Anderson did most of the unloading the car. He even back it off the trailer, and then even drove me to pick up the girls. 

Then it was time to work. Everyone again helped so much with the unloading of the camper. There is just a lot of trips inside. Most of it is dumping laundry in front of the washer. I am currently on my 5th load of laundry with 2 more waiting to be done. 

After the camper was empty and most things were put away, Robby and I ran to get gas for the camper and then ran into Kroger. We picked up pizza on the way home. Everyone ate and then for dessert we had M&M bars that Campbell made while we were gone. She also washed Bentley so she was super busy.

The kids all showered while Robby and I finished cleaning the camper. It is now ready for the next trip! Just a few days until that next trip too!

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