May 30, 2021-Memorial Day Weekend in Memphis

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We had to set our alarms last night since we had planned to head out between 8:30 and 9:00. Bentley went off before our alarm at 7, but that was fine since our alarms began to ring at 7:30. I got myself ready and then walkie talkied out to Reagan and Alyssa to wake them up. 

They didn't seem to be stirring, so after a bit I went to wake them up myself. It was nice and cozy in that tent, and they were sleeping soundly. It was so cozy that they are sleeping in that tent again tonight. Reagan did say that last night there was a car that went by and they were convinced that it was going to run them over. She also mentioned that she woke up every hour to check the time and that the birds were loud.

There were no noisy cars or noisy birds in our camper. We slept incredibly soundly. I would have to assume that Graham's ear is just fine since he is going strong. Reagan did complain about her ear yesterday, so I offered to find her a clinic, but she declined. However, today she has been her normal self so hopefully it was just nothing.

We had food to make breakfast this morning but because we had little time, we just grabbed poptarts and granola bars on our way to the zoo. The zoo was about 30 minutes from here. And yes, to leave at 9:00, everyone needed to be ready at 8:30. Most folks were ready at 8:30, and we probably even started loading the cars around then. However by the time that each car load runs back to get one more thing, it is soon 9.

The zoo opened at 9 and most of Memphis was there today. Actually, it wasn't really that bad. At the end there were two things that folks wanted to do (one was the snake house), but we chose not to do because of the lines (and well, really the snake house-who wants to do that anyway?)

The zoo is very nice-we seemed to stop at every stop. There were lots of animals-of course our favorite section was the Northwest Passage with the lodge that copied the lodge at Yellowstone. We did go to the Sea Lion show, and we saw them feed the grizzly bears. And yes, I might have shut my eyes during the sea lion show. Graham leaned over to me and asked, "Did you see that?" Nope, I sure didn't.

One fun thing was marked off of Campbell's list at the zoo-she got to try Dippin' Dots. The little balls of ice cream that are super overpriced. Ha! The others bought lunches while we bought snacks. There was a playground there which made Whitman super happy. The one animal that we didn't get to see was the zebras which Campbell really wanted to see. 

After the zoo, our family hurried home to let Bentley out to potty since she had been in her kennel for a good long while. We were unfortunately stopped by a parade-let's just say that it was a parade celebrating sin. While we were watching the parade go by, we just had our own little Sunday morning sermon about what we were seeing.

Back at the camper, everyone regrouped and Robby, Candice, Jennifer, the baby, and most of the girls except for Campbell loaded up to head to Ikea. My boys stayed back with Campbell. Their main activity while we were gone was watching the Hogs win their baseball game. (That is really what Robby did at Ikea too-he pushed Jennifer's stroller with his phone propped up so he could see the game.) Whitman did go to the playground with the others long enough to get his arm stuck-Andrew did say that he panicked briefly (Whitman and Andrew), but Campbell just jerked his arm out and all was well.

At Ikea we were hunting for drawers for under Campbell's bed-hers just keep breaking. They said that they had some in stock, but unfortunately they did not. That was fine though because we were able to fill a buggy full anyway. I can't really even tell you what we bought-a bag or two, a mug, a glass for Reagan to drink out of, scissors, cinnamon rolls and meatballs-I am sure there were a few other things because our total was nearly 100 dollars. Now, I did spend less than everyone else so I guess that I was a winner. 

Robby and I shared a pretzel on the way home. The mustard sauce was so spicy that we had tears in our eyes. When we did get home though, we took a quick walk around the loop before we started on making supper. Tonight's supper was chicken quesadillas and nachos made with leftover bbq. We put cheese, bbq, beans and bbq sauce on those nachos, and they were delicious.

After supper, there was a huge baggo tournament. Everyone played-the big winners were Anderson and Wes, but in second place was Reagan and Alyssa. Let me tell you, my girls are pretty good baggo players. Like maybe we should get our set out more often. 

We stayed outside until after 10 so it was nearly midnight when we did get settled in for the night. Reagan is again in the tent so Campbell and Whitman are in the top bunk-they are sharing the spot since they are also sharing a huge snake that Robby bought for them at Ikea. We sure don't need more stuffed toys, but we got some.

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