May 20, 2021-Mississippi Gulf Coast

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I don't think that I like waking up early. Ha! Robby and I were up fairly early this morning-possibly because our alarms were going off, possibly because I had to go to the bathroom or possibly because Bentley threw up (her current morning routine.)

Either way, it was good that we were awake and moving because today was head home day. Before I realized it, Robby was already loading up the van. It didn't seem like we had been awake and moving for too long when we were pulling out of Gulfport headed towards home.

It was a really great trip despite the rain. We may have to take Campbell back to the beach sooner rather than later since she is the beach loving girl and probably felt a bit slighted due to the weather. Tonight I asked the kids nearby what their favorite things were-Whitman said that his favorite thing was the ice cream we ate the other day while Anderson said that he enjoyed spending time with the grandparents. If Bentley was able to speak, she would say that today's ice cream was her favorite-since Robby bought her a a whole ice cream cone!

We stopped less on the way home plus we had less rain to deal with so we arrived home a bit earlier. That was great. We did stop once in the morning for gas and a potty stop. Then we stopped in Lake Village at the visitor's center for a super windy picnic. We followed that stop up with ice cream from McDonalds to help ease the pain of having to go home.

Then our next stop was at Grannymom and Grandpa's house to drop them off. We soon were home and unloading the van. It doesn't take long to unload the van and put things away-it does help to have 6 helpers. Plus when you finish in the van, you really don't have to go back and clean everything like in the camper so that does save a bunch of time.

This evening since we didn't have any groceries, Robby and I ran to pick up pizza. Then after eating, we did go back to the camper to clean it up from the last trip since we didn't get to it before this trip. We also made a quick run to the Wilson's house to pick up some of our mail. 

Finally, it was bedtime for this whole crew. Some of them are pretty excited that tomorrow is Friday-no summer school, no chores (well, little chores) and no bedtime on Friday.

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