May 25, 2021

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  • Bentley didn't sleep on my neck today so I did sleep more soundly during the morning hours. Ha! Actually, I was up early for me and even up early for summer break. 
  • One for the first things that I did this morning was work with Whitman. I pulled out his school work for next year and quickly remembered that 3rd grade school work is no joke. He has lots of things to do-we probably should start now! He just doesn't move quickly at all-3rd grade may take us two years (thankfully we are ahead in spelling and math) (And when I say ahead in spelling-he is behind but ahead-we started the book a year early, but he only finished half of his this year.)
  • There was the never ending laundry. The past two days the girls and Whitman have gone swimming at the neighbor's house. They have loved it, but that sure does create all kinds of laundry. Tonight I did hang their towels out to dry on the clothesline-guaranteeing that they will not swim again this week or that it will rain buckets!
  • The big event today was taking 3 kiddos to the orthodontist. Anderson, Graham and Campbell. There were xrays, pictures and lots of talking about their teeth. Anderson has work that could be done, but nothing major and from what I understand he can wait. Graham definitely needs braces since he is wearing down his teeth due to his overbite, and Campbell has one tooth that is baby tooth sized which will have to be corrected. So soon there will be 2 Dennies in braces (and by soon, I mean probably late this summer.)
  • We did stop by Sonic on our way home, The kids somehow think that whenever we go to an appointment of any kind, they deserve some type of treat. Really, nothing happened at the appointment today. It was super easy-I just think that they are spoiled!
  • I did take Bentley on a short little walk today. She did great the other day when we were walking at Maumelle Park and really seems to do better when we are not near the house. However today she did great until we were back in the driveway. It didn't matter how many treats I tried to give her. She was sitting down watching two neighbor dogs walk around around and wasn't going to move at all. I had to carry her home-now what am I going to do when she is 75 pounds. I guess I need to practice carrying her every day so when she is huge, I will have gained some muscles and still be able to carry her.
  • Robby and I ran to the grocery store tonight to pick up some things for this weekend. We basically bought things for our meals. The other night we bought a huge buggy full of junk and didn't spend nearly a hundred bucks. Today, we bought half a buggy of meals and spend well over a hundred dollars. It is just cheaper to eat junk-though we do seem to ear really well while camping. The planned weekend meals are grilled steaks and chicken with hasselback potatoes and grilled corn-and that is just for the first night! 

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