May 13, 2021

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  • I won't even tell you what time this dog woke up today. I thought that she was waking up because of the sunrise, but I really think that she is now waking up so she can get into our bed. Seriously, I have decided that she just likes us and can't get enough of us during the day. And I am also afraid that we have created a spoiled little puppy. 
  • I worked the whole day long, and seriously, I felt so scattered all day long. I did manage to get a few things accomplished during the day. The house is semi straight, the camper is mostly packed and all of the kids are accounted for so I will say that this day is a win.
  • There is still a pretty good list that I have to mark off tomorrow but for now all is well. Reagan did sneak off for a bit today and go to her school's picnic. I think that she had fun there, but was ready to take a nap when she returned home-take a nap and eat a chicken pot pie. 
  • Campbell and I went to the pregnancy center today. Traffic was bad on the way there so we were there even later than usual. We had stopped Walmart before and probably should have left a bit earlier than we did. We were able to help some and soon, everything was finished up there.
  • We then made one more stop before making it to soccer practice. While we were out, I told Campbell that I needed to use the restroom but I would just wait until practice. When we showed up, Campbell wondered aloud what the signs on the restrooms were. Robby was quick to tell her that there was an email telling everyone that the restrooms were closed due to a water line break. 
  • Yikes! So Campbell and I loaded up in search of a rest room. It didn't take us long to decide where we should go-we went to a friend's house just down the road. We were back within 10 minutes and all was well!
  • After practice, Robby grabbed some supper for us, and we came home at ate. Afterwards, there was some more packing followed by lots of straightening. Hopefully, everyone sleeps well tonight-the dog included!

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