May 24, 2021

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  • I slept fairly well until this morning when Bentley crawled into bed with us after her morning potty break. For a good long while she insisted with sleeping with her head on my neck. This is sweet and all, but she has such sharp teeth and they were right by my neck! I'm not exactly sure if I can trust her completely or not. She might be trying to permanently get my spot in the bed. Thankfully, I did survive to start the morning.
  • Whitman was awake first, but for the most part everyone was still sleeping when I started waking people up for the dentist around 10. Even the big boys-I guess the weekend just did them in. Or we have just been staying up way too late every night.
  • Keaton and Campbell had their dentist appointments today to get their cavities filled. They both had a cavity in the same tooth. Reagan went with us because we dropped her off at a friend's house on the way home.
  • During the appointment she opted to stay in the car. I parked in the shade and left the keys but explained that she couldn't leave it on the whole time. We were almost finished when she faced time (of course when we were talking to the dentist). I handed the phone to Keaton but could still hear the panic-the car alarm was going off. She finally figured it out just about the same time that we were all walking out...and then I set the alarm off!
  • We dropped her off and stopped at Walmart since the girls couldn't decide where they wanted to stop for a treat. Keaton wanted Starbucks and Campbell wanted Sonic. I suggested Walmart and they could get what they wanted. Keaton picked a jug of strawberry lemonade while Campbell picked a bag of lime tortilla chips.
  • I was back at home then long enough to walk on the treadmill before leaving again to take the boys to D-group at church. We did stop at Bass Pro on the way so Graham could buy himself a hat. Then they did their group at church while I sat in the car eating my lunch, reading a book, playing on my phone and taking a nap.
  • I was then back at home long enough to do a few things before I left out again to pick up Reagan at Sonic. She had a fun day-even had a picnic lunch at the park. Then back at home, after we all ate supper, Robby started mowing the yard.
  • Campbell, Keaton and Whitman did spent a bit of the afternoon and early evening swimming at the neighbor's house. They are already enjoying swimming this year and I am already upset about the extra laundry it brings. Though I do have a new clothesline outside, but I think it might rain tomorrow.
  • Anderson, Whitman, Keaton, Campbell and I played Catan this evening. Keaton was on fire and about to win, but Anderson came back and did finally win the game. That is my favorite game right now, but I never ever seem to win. Maybe next time.

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