May 12, 2021

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  • In case you were losing sleep over my dog waking thoughts from last night. The saga continues-this morning Bentley woke up at 6:08 and sunrise was at drumroll please....6:07. Interesting, isn't it? Now, she does sleep in the corner of my room behind the tv cabinet with a blanket over her cage, so how can she know when the sunrises so well? 
  • Also just to continue with our Bentley antics, last night Robby was downstairs and fussed a bit at the boys because they were still going strong acting a fool upstairs and not sleeping. A few minutes later, we couldn't find Bentley downstairs. We walked around and walked around, until climbed to the top of the stairs and saw her curled up by the boys door. I don't think that she liked them getting into trouble and went up to comfort them.
  • For so many things to accomplish today, I think that I was able to finish a few things. I guess the biggest item marked off of the to do list was getting the big boys a hair cut. Their hair had started looking fairly shaggy. I did kind of like it long, but a hair cut was a necessity. I will say that I probably should have gone to beauty school-really, I probably still should go to beauty school.
  • This afternoon the kids and I loaded up with Nonna to go and pick strawberries. The berry patch was a ways away, but not too bad. It was really a pretty spot, and the kids enjoyed picking the strawberries. We have been strawberry picking before, but it has been many, many years ago-so long that even Anderson was trying to remember what exactly how strawberries grew.
  • We picked two full buckets full-about 10 or so pounds. Nonna paid for me and get the senior discount. Strawberries aren't cheap-I put up 4 containers and paid over 10 dollars for each container. Ha! But the experience was well worth it. 
  • Everyone did well picking the strawberries. Anderson stayed with Nonna and helped her out. Whitman took it very seriously again and went right to work. Campbell was determined to pick more than anyone else. I didn't let my people get more than 3 buckets because I was afraid that we would fill as many buckets as we had. 
  • When we made it back home, I loaded a few more things in to the camper. Robby spent the evening getting a few more things ready to go. Campbell and Whitman decided to clean out the garage. They did a great job and really made a difference.  Plus they found about 15 balls that we threw away because they didn't keep air.
  • We had leftovers for supper-we are trying to clean out the fridge. And I didn't have many takers on helping me clean out the fridge. I did tell Robby that no one had eaten the salad that he bought-he was quick to admit that he didn't buy a salad or the hummus in the fridge. Apparently the day that we missed a bunch of our Walmart order, we also received a few surprise items.
  • It was kind of a quiet evening-I did dye some of Campbell's hair. See what I mean about beauty school. She now has red tips again. I am not sure how well it will stay in, but she is happy.
  • The certain highlight of my day was this evening when I asked Whitman to complete his daily chore. Now, for some reason when I made out my summer chore chart, I thought I had 5 kids and assigned rotating chores dealing with the dog only to the big 5. That left Whitman without any so I had to be creative. Today, his "chore" was brushing the dog's teeth. Let's just say we have the most patient and good natured dog-Whitman tried his hardest, even laying on the floor under her mouth. He was able to brush one side, but we called it good-and we have never laughed so hard!

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