May 16, 2021-Devil's Den Round 2

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What a fun weekend trip this has been. Though currently I am sore all over my body from climbing up and down on our hike yesterday, I am stuffy and congested from pollen, and I am exhausted from coming home from one trip and packing for another one. However, I will go to bed a happy gal because this weekend was so much fun and the kids are so looking forward to the next few days as well.

Bentley did her morning routine of getting into bed with us. She also has unfortunately continued her morning routine of throwing up just a little bit each morning. I think that she has been eating way too much grass and everything else. However, I hope that she stops that little nasty habit soon.

For breakfast this morning, we kept things simple with some French toast and sausage. Graham had really been wanting French toast, and I think that he liked it. However, Robby and I are not too big of fans of it. But it was warm so I did eat all of mine.

Pretty much the entire morning was spent loading up. We have learned that packing up the camper is not a sprint, it is a marathon. You just do a little bit at a time and try not to rush. It can be overwhelming to pack up-2 tents, 3 tables, grill, 7 chairs, 5 bikes, 2 scooters, 2 skateboards, 1 hoverboard, 1 rug, 1 string of lights, 2 poop hoses, 2 water hoses, 3 balls, 1 trailer and 1 car. That is not even what has to happen inside of the camper. That list is for another blog.

We were able to get everything loaded and put away fairly decently. The goal is to load these outside things up so neat and clean that they will not have to be set out or washed before the next trip. And of course, the trailer and the car have to be loaded so perfectly in hopes that they are still attached when we do get home. Actually, the trailer and car haven't really been a problem at all. We do that all pretty smoothly right now.

We pulled out maybe around 12:30. We then waited a bit on the Kamps to load up-that was perfect timing because while we were loaded and stopped, I worked on lunches. Actually, I worked on lunches by telling the kids to make their lunches. I did make Robby a sandwich and heated up chicken fried rice for me. 

Then we were all on the road-the Fergusons had left earlier to meet family, the Heltz also left early to go and eat. That left the Crafts in the front, Kamps next and us bringing up the rear. And the rear we did bring up. We would go for miles and miles not being able to see them at all. We eventually did catch back up, so I guess that slow and steady does win the race.

We did have one heart stopping moment. I was looking down, but Robby did see a piece from the trailer in front of him or hit by that vehicle come flying towards him. It hit the hood and probably a few others places. I just heard the huge bang and thought that we had lost another tire. Thankfully all was well even though we might have a new scratch. 

We made good time getting home and stopped at the big church on the way to kid swap. My kids weren't too happy about swapping back to our ride because they knew that we were going to work when we made it home. And work they did. They helped unload and we were unloaded in record time.

Soon, Robby went to fill the camper back up while I kept the laundry going and folded (currently 5 loads). When most laundry was done the kids packed their bags again. Robby and I have always loved living out of a suitcase, and I think that my kids might too-well some of them for sure. 

We did take a break from working to have supper with the Wilsons. Tony made hamburgers for our supper, and they were very good. We ate and visited some before heading home to load up the van. I had intended to clean and reload the camper. However, I lost steam and will just do that next week. I didn't lost so much steam that I couldn't have a bowl of ice cream before bed though!

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