May 15, 2021-Devil's Den Round 2

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I didn't sleep as well as I usually in the camper, but I still slept pretty well. I probably should have known better than to drink water bottle after water bottle while I was sitting at the picnic table with the girls before going to bed.

However, I didn't know any better so I was up at least 3 times and possibly 4 times to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Plus, Bentley was awake fairly early and stirred quite a bit. Still our camper slept later than all of the other folks around here. I did feel pretty well rested so that was a good thing.

The first order of business this morning was break fast. We did have ourselves quite the breakfast at that. Campbell made muffins, I made biscuits and orange juice, while Robby made bacon, gravy and eggs. We do pretty good at the breakfast game-we also had sausage which we chose not to make as well.

We all had plenty to eat and didn't leave too many leftovers. That was a good thing. By the time that we could get things cleaned up, it was time to start meeting everyone for our hike. Folks wanted to go in the morning when it wasn't a warm and that was a really a good idea (though it was overcast all day long and never really did get hot today)

We left Bentley in the kennel because even though we love her to pieces, we knew that she couldn't do that hike at all. Bless it, that dog can barely walk around the loop without having to stop and take a few breaks. I knew that we would have to hold a 25 pound dog for a few miles and that just wouldn't work out.

Bentley had her chew toy while we headed on the hike. This time it wasn't wet, cold or snowy so it was a lot easier hike. Now we did have a few more littles on the hike with us this time, but we still managed to make good time on the trail. Sometimes I felt like we were in a race! Ha!

The trail was just really pretty. I am not sure how far we walked but I do think that we were gone almost 2 and a half hours. There was even a spot for the kids to play some in the water. After the trail we came back to the campsites to eat our lunches.

We had easy lunches-sandwiches, but Robby made them fancy by frying them up on the blackstone. That just made them delicious. Now after lunch, we pulled out the pound cake, blueberries and peaches and griddled up some of them. That was absolutely delicious. It was so good that we shared with all of the adults.

Meanwhile, Wes was busy making fried oreos for everyone's afternoon snack. They were very good too-we did spend a lot of the day eating. As I was just about to fall asleep this afternoon, it was time for a kickball game. The kickball field is in the middle of the loop and when all 32 of us were playing the game, we were sure to draw some attention. We even had a few others kiddos join our game.

I do know that my team lost today-it certainly wasn't from my mad kickball skills. Actually, it probably could have been because of my mad kickball skills. When the game was over, it was soon time to start on our suppers.

Tonight's supper was taco salad. I just had to make the meat and everyone else brought enough stuff for the supper. We also celebrated Michael and Maia's birthdays with cake. They had presents to open which they did, and then the kids headed off to play with all of their new friends-there was a capture the flag game along with a kickball game in the dark. 

The kids all stayed up pretty late tonight, but we ended the night with ice cream before going to bed so we all went to bed tired and happy.

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