May 7, 2021

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  • Bentley had a vet appointment today at 9. Whitman was the only one awake this morning when we snuck out of the house. Bentley did fine at her appointment-2 shots and nails trimmed. She now weighs 26 pounds. The dog is funny-she just whined and whined when the people there were not giving her any attention.
  • Also this little interaction with vet did make my laugh today. I mentioned how friendly she is. He was quick to say, "yes, they are mostly all like that when they are puppies." He continued with, "then some get territorial or bad tempered." Oh, great! That is just what I wanted to hear. He did finally finish with mentioning that Bentley's breed is fairly good natured.
  • Back at home, I started on getting ready for our party tonight. Campbell wanted to have an ice cream party to kick off summer. Soon it became Campbell and Keaton's ice cream and brownie party. (Keaton doesn't like ice cream.) As soon as they walked down the stairs, I put those two girls to work.
  • They pulled out all of the toppings for the ice cream, they helped get tables out, they made the brownies and helped us later in the day pick out the ice cream. They did work for this party tonight. Whitman, who is often oblivious to life, did ask why Keaton and Campbell got to have a party. I asked him if he wanted to have a party with his friends. He said "yes" so I guess that is next on the list.
  • Also, the other day Campbell and Keaton were talking about everyone's games being at the same time on Saturday. They continued to say that we (the spectators) could turn our chairs one way and watch Campbell and then turn our chairs the other way and watch Keaton. Whitman, who was not involved in the conversation at all, shot back at them, "Well, what about me?"
  • Campbell, Keaton and Graham went with us to run a few errands this afternoon-Sams, Gas, and Kroger were the places we needed to go. However, we ended up at ChickFilA as well along with Five Below for some boogie boards for the beach. 
  • Back at home, there was time to go and get Annie. She is home alone so Bentley had a party with her friend for a little bit this afternoon. Bentley did figure out how to get out of her collar-actually, she would jerk so hard that she would snap it open. She quickly was given a new collar (not from the Dollar Tree!)
  • Then it was time for tonight's party. Even though we had a few friends not able to come, we still had a great time. There were about 10 girls here plus my folks. We had ham and cheese croissants. The kids played outside-gaga ball, a relay race-there were even games inside-cookie face, draw a picture on a paper plate, and bingo. Of course there were prizes! 
  • Then the evening was ended with an ice cream sundae bar. We had tons of toppings and I think that folks had lots of fun. It was a pretty fun evening-and I'm glad it's over!
  • When it was over, we went to play with Annie some more before it was bedtime for her. Then we came home to clean up after the party. Keaton and Campbell have one friend over and tonight is internet night so the kids get to stay up later than normal-actually, it is already later than normal and they are just brushing their teeth.
  • Graham is working early with me at the concession stand so he will get to leave at 7:30ish with me. This is our last soccer game-the season was just a little bit too short for me. But I will be glad to sleep in-though our next few Saturday's are spent out of town so there will be little sleeping in....until probably school starts again and things get back to normal. 

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