May 23, 2021

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  • It was hard for me to wake up this morning, so I knew that it was super hard for all of the kids to wake up as well. It did probably help that I brought Bentley with me to wake up everyone. She would hop up into each bed when I pointed to the bed. Then she would crawl all over who was in the bed. We went from Graham, to Anderson, to Campbell, to Keaton. Then we went downstairs to see Whitman who told me that Bentley had already licked half of his face. So we climbed up to wake up Reagan and Kennedy before I had to stop waking people up and get myself ready.
  • We did the church and Sunday school thing before splitting up. Robby and the kids went to Grannymom's house to eat lunch, while I ran home to let the dog out for a few minutes. And few minutes it was, I was only home for about 10 minutes before leaving again.
  • My out of town friend was having a birthday party for all of the birthdays that we missed this year. It was tons of fun-the food was delicious and we even made bracelets. Well, unfortunately, I didn't make all of my bracelet. I just strung the beads, but didn't learn how to tie the knot. Now, I won't be able to teach my girls.
  • I came home just as Robby had left the take Reagan, Anderson and Graham to Raymar. They canvassed the neighborhood for next week's outside service and talked some about their Plant mission trips.
  • Robby ran some errands on the way home, but was soon out the door again to pick up the crew. I was busy straightening the house which seems to be a constant these days. 
  • Soon the WIlson's were over and we were having our Sunday night supper. We had taco meat-I believe that our 10 pounds of taco meat from the camping trip has fed around 50 meals. That sure isn't too bad at all.
  • Currently, Robby and I are watching youtube cooking video while I am tying. Then we will find the kids and put them into bed!

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