May 4, 2021

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  • I probably stayed up too late last night playing on my phone because when I had to go to the bathroom at 6 this morning, Bentley was ready for me to take her to the bathroom-or maybe she was ready to get in the bed with me. 
  • Either way, we were both able to get a bit more sleep. This was not a lazy day because Reagan had to be at school for first period this morning. I think that her classes and Anderson's will both be first period next year-ugh!
  • She did manage to bribe me to take her to ChickFilA on the way for her to get a coffee. When I did get home, it was still just about the time that we usually start on our together work. We did all of that with no problem and soon folks were starting on their school work for the day.
  • The one worrisome part of the morning was checking to see if the dishwasher ran. The night before and last night, I swore that I ran it-the dishwasher stuff was even in there, but the dishes weren't clean. Today I promise that the clean light was on, yet it was not clean. 
  • So I crossed my fingers, said a prayer and tried again this morning-and things worked perfectly. I was super dreading hand washing 2 days of dishes. We pretty much used paper products today just in case things don't work tonight. We were actually doing good on our lack of dishes usage, until Reagan made some desserts tonight.
  • I had to run to the store really quickly today and on the way home we picked up Reagan from school. This was her last day at Comm Central for the year, but she still has a few things to complete before the school year is over.
  • I wasn't home for too long this afternoon before it was time for me to cut up my hot dogs and go to puppy class. This was our next to last class, and this the one thing that we failed out was to call our dogs and have them come to us. First time, Bentley did perfectly. Second time, she just sat and stared at me-I'm on the other side of the room squealing her name, jumping and waving my arms and nothing! Finally the dog did waltz over to me-I think that she just wanted me to look like a fool for a little bit!
  • While I was at puppy class, I did get some good news. Anderson's shoe was found-at the neighbor's house on their front porch. That dern stray dog took his shoe. It was still in tact and all was well-I was very grateful since finding that shoe saved me about 60 bucks!
  • Reagan went to the talent show at school tonight. When she did come home, the rest of us had already eaten our chicken spaghetti. She ate and then started on some baking. Soon, the plan is to have some ice cream before bed and then bedtime for the crew-we will try to get to bed earlier tonight than last night!

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