May 27, 2021

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  • I think that my crew continues to sleep later and later each morning. It might be because I made it clear last night that I wanted everyone to start on their school within an hour of waking up. I asked Whitman to start working with me, and he was quick to tell me that he had set a timer, and it had not been one hour.
  • Robby and I weren't around too long this morning since we had to run to the zoo. We bought a zoo pass to help easy this weekends zoo visit costs. We picked that up before heading to the cheesecake place for a little end of the week reward.
  • Then it was back home to work on some school work along with packing everyone. There were lots of trips to the camper getting everyone's clothes in there. It isn't hard at all, but it sure was warm outside today.
  • Robby turned the camper around while I made him call me to help him back up. He has done this many of times, but better safe than sorry.
  • Campbell, Keaton and I went to the pregnancy center today to volunteer. We were pretty busy there today-folding lots of clothes, organizing lots of clothes and preparing lots of diapers to give away. I do enjoy it when we are busy there though.
  • We came home just in time for me to help a bit more on the camper. It was pretty late this evening when we finally started on our supper. We had leftovers along with some egg rolls. The kids helped us straighten a bit after supper. Then most of us settled in to watch the Hogs play baseball. 
  • The boys just had ice cream for a snack. And hopefully, they saved some for me to eat tonight too!

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