May 6, 2021

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  • I was up at 6:30 with the dog, but out of all of the days this week today was the longest that I could sleep so we climbed back in bed and snoozed some more. We just had one book to read aloud today along with our Bible chapter so we were soon working on school work. 
  • School went fine today-mainly because it was the last day Well, it is the last day, but there are a few things we will do this summer. Some things are finishing from this year and others are getting ahead for next year. 
  • Yesterday while we were at the Nutrition Center, I was able to get all of my school organized and planned for next year. Now, I just have to buy the things that I need and start getting things pulled out and ready to go. My goal is to do that early in the summer!
  • I am currently taking full advantage of having people that are capable of doing thing well these days-Campbell made brownies, Keaton organized the pantry-it's nice when the kids can work and work well. Now they do a lot of things sloppily-but when I find what they love (baking/organizing) then they do things with excellence. Though I still have quite a few kiddos that I just don't know what they love yet.
  • We ran to see Annie for a little bit this afternoon. Then it was back home for the treadmill for me. When I finished that, it was time for us all to load up and head out to soccer practice. We were there a few minutes early, but soon it was practice time.
  • Whitman isn't a huge fan of game days, but he certainly loves practice. Bentley loves practice too-her friend Sully was there tonight, and they played and played. It was a pleasant evening-just like I wasn't ready for Wednesday nights to end, I am really not ready for soccer to end as well. I could stand a few more weeks of it-at least until we are miserably hot.
  • After soccer, we went to Nonna and Pops' house to celebrate Mother's Day. Pops made hamburgers and everything was absolutely delicious. After eating we played a game of trivial pursuit before we headed home.
  • The kids had planned on waiting up until Robby came home-I quickly put an end to that idea. It will be fairly late when he does get in and they are up late enough as is! Hopefully, they will be asleep when he does get home and hopefully, they will get home quickly and safely.

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