July 17, 2021

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  • This was the last day of Camp Geyer (VBS), and surprisingly getting everyone up and going was not too much of a problem. Kennedy and Reagan were the last ones to wake up since I am sure that they had also been up the latest last night.
  • My group went very well, and soon I was gathering the kids to head outside for the family picnic. We had heard that lunch was going to be sandwiches. I wasn't too excited about a turkey sandwich and was hoping for a ham and cheese croissant instead. However, we were all super shocked to see ChickFilA sandwiches as our lunch.
  • There was also a snow cone truck along with three different water inflatables. Needless to say, I didn't seem my kids too often. Reagan was helping work the bouncys. Graham and Anderson were hanging with their friends, and Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were having a great time on the bouncys.
  • Whitman was ready to take off to go jump, but I did make him get his sandwich first. I told him that he could eat it later, but I was afraid that if he didn't get his sandwich then they might just run out. I don't think that they ever did run out since Anderson even ended up with an extra one. 
  • We stayed until they were shutting down the inflatables which left me just about 10 minutes at home. However, I was able to sit down and have myself a 3 minutes nap. Of course that 3 minute nap didn't do much so I did take a coke and candy bar to keep me awake enough to drive to Benton.
  • Keaton and I spent some time folding clothes at the pregnancy center before we headed home for a little bit. At home, Robby was making supper for tonight-chicken and beef roll ups.
  • We then loaded up for the pool. This is our 4th visit to the pool this week-our numbers are adding up. My pool numbers sure look good this week, but my nothing else numbers. No treadmill, no cleaning anything, no getting things ready for school, nothing has been done around here except for VBS and swim. I guess the kids are happy though!
  • We spent the evening at the pool-these are the best nights where it is comfortable to just sit and visit without it being hot or buggy. The kids had lots of fun and pretty much were in the water all evening long.
  • It was late when we get home so my crew was up until almost 11. The boys have a friend over spending the night, but he is already asleep! 

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