June 8, 2021-Collide Camping Week

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So I've never been in a monsoon-well, after this morning I think that I might have. It started raining sometime during the night, and it rained and rained and rained. Now I am sure that most people would not enjoy the rain, but Robby and I sure did.

The rain was great until it wasn't! Maybe you could say that the rain wasn't great when we were having to shout to hear each other because the rain was so loud. Or maybe you could say that the rain wasn't great when we saw that the tent collapsed outside because of the wet of the water. Or maybe you could say that the rain wasn't great when we had to go outside and take down the tent during the monsoon.

Actually, it was still a lot of fun! I would rather be outside in the rain while camping than inside in the dry at home. We were able to salvage the tent though it is a bit crooked-we will just chalk it up to memories. This morning we were a bit concerned about making it through the day keeping the people entertained.

However, there was no need to worry since it is 10:22 right now and we have just started a movie and just put cookies in the oven. When we finally all started stirring this morning (around 9), we made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We recently did them on the blackstone which was delicious, but the oven was much more practical during the rainstorm.

Then before too long we loaded up and headed to Malvern. It took forever for us to get there because of the rain. Robby and I were both having to drive as in I helped make sure that he was staying within the lines. 

Our first stop in Malvern was Larry's Pizza. We all enjoy Larry's and don't really eat there very often. It was very good-let's see I ate a honey mustard chicken, baked potato, tomato and some other types of pizza that I thought I would be able to remember! Ha! My favorite is still the dessert pizzas. My Whitman wouldn't even try one of the dessert ones-he was too focused on eating his cheese pizza.

After eating, Robby did give the kids some money for the game room. This was a highlight for them. They were in the game room by themselves-I think that they took advantage of this a little bit and found a way to earn themselves more tickets than they probably skillfully could get. 

They ended up getting over a hundred tickets which they then divided. Now figuring out what to buy with their tickets took them a few minutes. I do believe that the choice for most was a sticky hand! From Larry's we headed to divide and conquer. Robby dropped the kids and I off at Walmart, and he headed with the laundry to a laundromat. The plan had been for me to do the laundry and get a Walmart order tomorrow when I run home to pick up the kids. 

Instead we decided that Robby would do some of the laundry while I did the pick up of the groceries. Of course laundry takes a bit more time than our shopping. We were able to browse the clearance section, look at toys and even look at some clothes while loading our cart with groceries. 

By the time we left Malvern, the sky was lightening up, and it had finally stopped raining. When we returned to the camper, we first let Bentley out to potty. Then we started laying out things that needed to dry. We had things to move around from the camper to the car and things from the car to put in the camper. It took quite a bit of time to get everything organized, but when we did we took off on a bike ride.

Well, the kids went bike riding while Robby, I and the dog just walked. We eventually headed to the playground down by the water. Robby was making plans for his activities tomorrow while I am gone with the car. 

And finally we were able to roast hog dogs over the fire tonight. That was one of the things that Campbell and Keaton wanted to do so we were glad that the weather cleared enough tonight to do it. We had already taken our lights and tent down since more rain is coming tonight so it was pretty dark when our hot dogs were finally warm. 

After eating the girls went to the bathhouse to take a shower while Whitman took his shower in the camper. Robby and I picked up some things inside before we turned on the movie. It took a bit of time to get the movie started, but when we did Keaton started working on her peanut butter cookies.

We finished the movie while eating cookies right before bedtime. It was really a pretty perfect day.

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