June 25, 2021

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  • This morning at 6 Candice rolled into the driveway to pick up Reagan. Then they headed to church and were soon off to Kansas tonight and Denver tomorrow. Reagan was awake and finishing packing before I even went to wake her up this morning at 5:30. The girls said that she did tell them bye when she came downstairs. 
  • We have pretty much tracked her all day long. We did get a few text messages tonight from here-their van had a covid scare. Someone's dad tested positive so that child was headed home. And at one point they weren't sure if the whole van would be sent home too. Thankfully, a rapid test determined that child didn't have it so Reagan's van will be quarantined from the group for 24-48 hours. 
  • I think that Reagan and all the kiddos were pretty stressed about everything. Thankfully, it all played out within an hour or two. Reagan was a bit bummed about missing somethings (I think just church on Sunday morning), but she was super relieved that they are able to stay on the trip.
  • As for my other children today-they all slept in. Robby and I left to run some errands when the boys had just started waking up. We did take Bentley to ride with us-she was a pretty good car dog. We did make 7 stops, and she was only able to get out at 2 of those-Grannymom's house and Lowes. And bless that dog's heart-she was super skittish at Lowes. The automatic doors almost gave her a panic attack!
  • When we came home, we did paint the ceiling so the patch matches a bit better. We tried to hide the cord from the new camper air conditioner, but we needed a larger cord hider thing. We hung the boys' shelves in their room. And really that is about all that we did for the rest of the day. 
  • This evening we did load up with the three littles and headed to the pool. We stopped first for some supper from McDonalds before letting them swim until it was time to close the pool for the evening.
  • Once at home, I tried to get things ready for tomorrow before bedtime for the crew-now, there isn't a real bedtime on Friday nights around here so they are all in bed, but have no plans to go to sleep soon.

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