June 15, 2021

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  • What a day! What a long day! Summary: VBS, pool, swim meet, Wilsons, bed. 
  • Long version: Bentley was awake to go potty way too early. It is a good thing that she is cute and soft, or we wouldn't be happy about her being up early. Actually, I was happy because when I looked at the clock, I still had about 2 more hours to sleep.
  • Today was color day at VBS. I looked for Whitman an orange shirt, but the only one I found he wasn't too keen on. So I pulled out his VBS shirt (which I paid for), but that didn't float his boat either. However, I paid for that shirt so he wore it. He didn't care after he put it on though so all was well.
  • I know that the kids had a good day today. They were disappointed that we had to leave right at noon. They all wanted to stay a bit longer. On our way out, Whitman's science track teacher told me how smart he was-she complimented my homeschool skills, but I had to fess up that he learns most things from you tube.
  • Robby had a yummy lunch made for everyone. We all ate, and then I headed out the door. I had my yearly mammogram today (already received my all good results as well). When I walked in the waiting room, there was a sea of people waiting. I worried that I would never be able to meet the kids at the pool. However, within just a few minutes they called me back.
  • I then met Robby at the pool. All of our crew was there for a few minutes at the same time today-about 27 kids were in our group today. It was crazy, but the kids love it. I tried to leave a few minutes before I did, but Reagan asked to stay. (Reagan doesn't get a lot of activity-so after 2 days of VBS and 2 days at the pool, she was sound asleep tonight when Robby left to go to the Wilson's house).
  • We ended up staying 3 hours-Campbell and Graham stayed another hour with Sara. When they came home, I grabbed new towels and left with Campbell, Graham, Keaton and Whitman for the first swim meet of the season. Now, there have only been 2 practices so far and my kids have missed both!
  • First off there is Whitman. He abhors any and all competition, racing and speed. I talked to him this morning about me just wanting him to swim across the pool one time today-that's all just one time. Turns out he did swim across the pool one time for me today earlier in the day while we were swimming. He thought that checked the box and didn't realize that I was talking about during the swim meet.
  • Now, Whitman only swam the freestyle tonight since he can't really do the back stroke. He did it! And really he swam his hardest-he didn't win! He was about 2 body lengths behind the others, and zig zagged down the lane. But he did it, and he wasn't sour doing it. Now, later in the evening when they passed out awards, he was a bit sour that he didn't get one. But my Whitman recovered nicely and was soon just fine. He'll probably never win a swimming award, but swim team was so good for him last year and I know it will be for him again this year.
  • When he did finish his race, he got out of the pool. I was telling him how good he did and how proud I was when he stopped me to ask, "I just have to do it once, and I'm done?" I said that was right, and he promptly replied, "ok, good" and went off to play in the fountains.
  • Next up was Keaton. She is just pretty fast. First in backstroke and freestyle for her age group. Campbell was 3rd in backstroke for her age group. I think her group is 11 and 12 year old girls, and some of those girls are much taller than her. Both girls did really well tonight.
  • Now Graham sure didn't want to go to the swim meet tonight, but when he heard they were passing out the ribbons he wanted to stay. He knew that good things were in store for him since there really aren't that many boys swimming that are his age. He won first in freestyle (and he was at least a foot taller than the other boys) and second in backstroke. And bless it, Graham so asked me to take a video of him swimming-I thought I did! Let's just leave it at that.
  • After we finished, we ran home so they could change their clothes. Then we met up with Robby and Anderson at the Wilson's house. Reagan was just waking up over here. We had hot dogs and Dairy Queen cake for supper which was all delicious. 
  • We stayed over there until it was nearly 10, and then came home to get things ready for tomorrow-swim team early in the morning followed by VBS for everyone. Then lunch at Nonnas and maybe a relaxing afternoon. 

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