June 2, 2021

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I went to bed last night giving myself a pep talk about being able to make it through June. We have things every day plus there are many trips to the pool that must be taken. For example there were 3 scheduled events today plus one shopping trip. Tomorrow, we have 4 more events (one of those being at our house) plus a trip to the pool. The whole month is like today and tomorrow-just one thing after another.

My pep talk worked-well, until Robby came in the room as mad as a hornet at the dog. We fed her this morning, and then neither of us were watching her-for about 10 minutes. But that was long enough for her to go to town chewing a hole in the bonus room carpet. 

Carpet in any other room of the house would have been acceptable-even praised (since I desperately need new carpet). However, the best carpet in the house is in the bonus room. And since the hole is just steps form the door, we can't even hide it with furniture.

Thankfully, Robby found a carpet repair kit before he rehomed the dog. We also have extra carpet so hopefully the repair will be easy when the kit arrives. It is always something around here. Robby often feels like he should have gotten a degree in being a handyman. 

We were planning on meeting some people at the park today, but they rescheduled for tomorrow because of the wet weather. However, there were some folks still going so we did as well. Turns out the weather was just fine, and the kids had lots of fun playing.

Reagan and Anderson stayed back. So when I did return around lunch time, I picked them up, dropped off Whitman and Campbell and took all of them the Walmart to buy things for camp. They each had 10 dollars to spend for camp snacks. Reagan and Graham tried to maximize every penny while Anderson had trouble figuring out what he would like. 

We then ran to Academy to buy some shoes for Graham. Whenever I'm spending 70 dollars on a pair of tennis shoes, I definitely feel like I need a job. Well, I need a job other than teacher, maid, cook, janitor, and taxi driver-I need one that actually makes money! Graham was super pleased though with his new kicks.

Then I rushed home again so I could have a little bit of time at home to do a few things before leaving again. Soon I was back in the car with Campbell who was along for the ride, and Graham and Reagan. We then picked up Alyssa and Josh. Since we did drive by the library, I sent Campbell in to pick up a few books for me.

Graham was dropped off at the church house He is learning how to do the slides for the screens for the youth on Wednesday nights. Tonight he practiced with the modern worship team and their slides. Then I dropped off Reagan and her friends at defy. They stayed and jumped for 2 hours and had a blast.

Campbell and I ran to Walmart looking for pink tie dye before having to finally find it at Hobby Lobby. Then we rushed back to church to pick up Graham when he was finished. I made it back home to watch Robby chop up his bbq meat. He smoked 2 pork butts today, plus we readied two more to do tomorrow. 

I then had time to sit for a few minutes before the kids headed to bed. My current project is bleaching a pair of Graham's socks. Well, there are lots of pairs of his to bleach, but does bleach make the Nike symbol come off? I don't know, but I am doing a test run to see. 

There isn't any ice cream left in this house-my kids have gone to town on it today. And I possibly finished off one of the containers when it was a particularly stressful part of the day. It was delicious-maybe I could work for Blue Bell and get a discount. Hmm, that is an idea!

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