June 28, 2021

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  • Currently, Bentley is mad at me because I am trying to put drops in her ears. She went to the vet today and did in fact have ear infections. Apparently, golden retrievers get ear infections quite often. I have put one drop in one ear and have two more to go in that ear along with 2 in the other ear. She has moved from the bed to the floor and keeps starring at me! She is so tired but she will not close her eyes because she doesn't trust me! This is probably not going to end well at all!
  • My morning began with some laundry and dishes. Fairly uneventful day really. After Whitman remembered to eat his breakfast, he just asked me two questions-When was Grannymom camp? and What snacks did I pack for him? 
  • Grannymom and Grandpa picked him up around 2ish. He was pretty excited to leave. I jokingly asked him if he was going to take his ipad. I knew that the answer was going to be of course. However, I was wrong. He told me that he would take it for when they didn't have any activities.
  • The boys spent a good bit of their afternoon packing. Everyone is different-even though all of the kids have had packing list, Reagan rewrote the list for what she would need. Keaton neatly folded her clothes and then helped Campbell do hers. Graham stacked his shorts and shirts in different piles while Anderson stacked his in outfits. And Whitman just asked me to pack for him.
  • We spent a good deal of the day putting things in the camper. I think that I have almost everything packed. I even was able to work on the house for a few minutes tonight so maybe I can kind of have a slow day tomorrow! Ha! That won't happen!
  • I have seen pictures of Reagan today but not heard from her. The group went to Red Rock Amphitheater which we have been to before. I wonder if she will remember having been there. I have seen a few pictures of Keaton and Campbell-looked like Campbell spent some time at a car wash today, and I am not too sure what Keaton did (I can't really remember the pictures right now!)
  • Okay, it is about time for me to try to those ear drops again!

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