June 21, 2021

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  • This seemed like our first real summer day-I guess it is officially the first day of summer. The weather didn't feel summery at all, but what all happening at this house did feel like summer. What all was happening? Nothing-and it was wonderful. Well, it was wonderful to me, but the kids were a bit bored.
  • They were so bored that by 11, we were playing a game in the living room. I guess I might have been a bit bored as well since I did manage to do most of my chores plus I took Bentley on two different walks today. 
  • Now right now, I can think of about 15 things that I should do before bed, but really what kind of fun is that? I am slowly working on getting everyone's school ready for next year along with straightening my school room closet. Some summers I have to take everything out of it. Thankfully, it isn't that bad this year, and I should finish it up by the end of the week.
  • We didn't really plan on going to the pool today. At 2 when it still hadn't rained yet, I decided that we would load up and go. I hadn't told anyone when I walked by a window, and it looked like it was about to pour.
  • However. it didn't rain at our house at all today. We plan on making it to the pool tomorrow though. It did rain on Robby and I as we were out tonight-it poured on us. And that rain made us chilly the entire time we were out eating supper. 
  • We did also stop at Walmart and pick up a new bike for Keaton. Everyone else got new bikes last year, but she just got a hand me down. Now she is official and has a new one. She was worried that Robby won't be able to get it on the back of the camper-I might be a bit worried too!
  • The evening was kind of quiet which was nice. I think that I might could take a little nap before it is bedtime-that is how quiet it is in this house!

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