June 1, 2021

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  • What a wonderful rainy day it was today. I think that I could have stayed in bed for a bit longer this morning. However, we had to get up to get Anderson to his job interview. Robby was the one to take him to the church house to discuss being one of the Upward interns. 
  • Our first kid with a real job-well, a real job that starts in August. That will be fun for him and what a fun experience for him. I think that he is a little bit excited as well. (Update-after offering Anderson the job, showing his what he would make, and him accepting it, they decided that he was too young. Needless to say disappointment abounds in this household over that string of events.)
  • While they were gone and pretty much all morning long, I pretty much didn't get anything accomplished. There was laundry and more laundry to do. When I finally did get the laundry finished, Robby came in with 3 flats of strawberries. So then the next task was working on the strawberries which seemed to take forever. Thankfully, I had Keaton and Campbell to help me with slicing all of those strawberries.
  • Despite the rain, I was able to run the little 3 to the pool for a few hours. They could not wait for a sunny day and were besides themselves all afternoon waiting on the rain to clear. It finally did for a bit so they took their first swim of the season.
  • It is pretty nice having the pool to yourselves-no one was there for most of our visit. The kids played with 5 lifeguards watching them while I did some school planning for Keaton's school work. We stayed for 2 hours which was perfect for me and pretty perfect for them since Keaton's lips were purple when we left.
  • Reagan spent most of the day upstairs painting signs for Collide. She has painted and painted and painted. So much painting that Robby even had to run to the store (he was already out running errands) to buy more orange paint.
  • Robby brought home supper since he was out doing a mystery shop. We ate and then folks worked on putting their laundry away-so much laundry happening here. Then it was a pretty restful evening which even included some ice cream!

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