June 29, 2021

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  • The boys were already awake this morning when our alarm was going off. Actually, when I headed out of my room to officially wake them up, they were both in the kitchen dressed and ready. I think that they were a bit excited.
  • I dropped them off at church at 7. They loaded their bags and quickly found their friends. I think that Reagan's group took at least 4 buses-maybe more, but the boy's group is just 7th and 8th graders so they just filled 2 buses.
  • I don't know too much-but Anderson had chicken for lunch (I think Popeyes). Graham ate and then went to Goodwill and bought a shirt. They had Freddys for supper. It also looks like Anderson went for a late night swim.
  • I know even less about Reagan's day. She wrote that they woke up, did their mission projects and then ate supper. She has been wanting to go to Crumbl Cookie for a while, and they stopped there tonight. She was too full to buy anything but did eat some of the other folks' cookies. They also played kickball tonight.
  • And finally Campbell and Keaton. I know that they did their mission projects, and since everyone was working hard, they all got Sonic drinks as a reward. 
  • Let's see-what did I do all day? Since I dropped the boys off so early, I had finished everything including running some errands by 11. Bentley and I cuddled up on the couch in the camper and took ourselves a nap.
  • She needed that nap, because Delta came over to spend the night tonight. Those two dogs spent most of the time playing-Delta is a ton calmer than Bentley. Bless it-she will be ready to go home. At one point, Delta was standing completely still while Bentley was running circles around her.
  • Robby and I did sneak off tonight to eat supper out and run some errands. We went in 3 different stores, only needing one thing from each store and came out with at least 2 bags at each stop.

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