June 9, 2021-Collide Camping Week

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What a busy day this has been! But it has certainly been worth it because we are all back together again. The campers are home! 

Our morning started at 7 when I had to get off our bed to go to the bathroom. I think that I have mentioned this before but if not here goes-the head of our bed is against the side of the camper which means that my side of the bed is up against the back wall.

There is a small space, almost too small to walk easily, but we have filled that space with a tv, a fan, and when not in use a dog kennel. At the foot of the bed, specifically right in front of my spot, is Bentley's kennel when it is being used. So the only way to get out of bed is to crawl over Robby. 

This morning when I woke up. I looked at the clock and it said 7. Usually by that time, Bentley has pottied and has moved from the kennel to our bed. I felt around for her and didn't feel her, so I debated getting up knowing that I would wake her up. But eventually, I couldn't wait and as soon as my foot his the floor, I could hear her tail wagging.

Robby did take her out and then we were able to sleep until 9. Actually, I didn't sleep, but I did rest and play on my phone. You know those days when you have so many things to do that you just keep going over them in your head-that was this morning.

We moved pretty quickly this morning. Most things were picked up-inside and outside. Inside because adding 3 more people in an already small space makes you aware of what can be picked up, and outside because we sure weren't going to let things get wet again.

A little after 10, I headed back towards home. The kids were supposed to arrive back at church around noon (at least I thought so), but by the time I was almost home their arrival time had been pushed back until 1:30. 

That was fine because at home I went to town on my list. I washed the laundry that I brought with me. Then I printed my full page list and when down it. By the time I went to pick up the kids my list was finished....except for their laundry.

Graham was the first Dennie that I saw. He looked tired and was hoarse. Soon Anderson and Reagan's buses pulled up. Anderson was not as hoarse as Graham, but he also looked hot. And Reagan, well, she just looked weary. Ha!

They had such a good time, and I heard all about it on the way home. They were quick to ask for ChickFilA for lunch. And I was quick to say yes especially since we had already decided that I would take them there. I even sprung for milkshakes-I thought that would soften the blow to them that as soon as their laundry was finished, they were heading out camping and to meet up with the rest of the family.

They didn't really seem to mind too much-they were just confused about where we were going, why we were going and when we were going. I am not sure that they understand even now. They unpacked their bags and had showers as soon as we made it home. Anderson said that it was the best shower he had ever had.

It only took 3 loads of laundry so by the time that the third load was in the dryers (I split it up to help with drying time), I had 2 kiddos asleep. Graham and Reagan were sound asleep with Bentley sleeping with Graham. When I woke Graham up, he asked me what day it was. I thought it was Thursday so I told him. He asked "really?" and I said that it was. Then I quickly remembered that it was still Wednesday. You know you are sleeping hard though when you wake up and ask what day it is.

We were able to pull out about 6, even though I had hoped to get away at 5:45. It worked well though because there was little traffic-just some slow downs during the construction. I picked up pizza in Caddo Valley and soon we joined the others.

Now Robby's day-when I left, it was starting to mist outside. He was getting a concerned that their planned day at the lake was going to be a wash out. So their first activity was making cookies. After their cookies were made, the sun started to come out. Soon they headed down to the swim area.

Of course I had to car, so that left him with no wheels-actually he was left with a big set of wheels-the camper. It is too far to walk to the swim area and really too far to ride bikes while carrying stuff. So yesterday we scoped out a route and parking. 

They stopped on the way to dump, and then made it to the swim area. This was the day that Campbell and Keaton had been waiting for-the weather was perfect and they had a long time to swim. Robby pulled the rig right up the picnic tables, opened the awning and got out a lawn chair.

They kids played and played. They found rocks, they played in the sand, and they even made friends. When Campbell and Keaton saw a truck pull up with a big mat in it, they said that they sure hoped they would get to play with them.

Sure enough after a while, the kids with the mat asked our kids to play with them. They had the best time on the mat. They jumped, swam and just wore themselves out. After staying for about 3 hours, and getting a bit of a sunburn, they headed back to our spot. Well, before they even came back, all of the kids had showers-Whitman had a shower outside even.

Robby had some work to do because he had to hook the camper back up. Not only did he hook the camper back up, he cleaned this place up. When I arrived with a car full of food, clothes, and kids the camper looked spotless.

We all ate our pizza outside. Robby first said that maybe we could eat inside, but soon you realize that all 8 of us is just a lot of people to eat inside. We can do it, but it takes some thought. It is like one of those logic puzzles-if one person moves here, then another person has to move here which causes another to move somewhere else. 

Most of the evening, I spent putting away the things that I brought. Robby did get his early Father's day gift tonight-a portable baggo board so that was one activity tonight. The other was making Campbell's lava cake that she had picked out to make. They had made the batter before we arrived, and the soon the dutch oven was hot and the cakes were cookies. 

The first batch of lava cakes were pretty good. They were more like pudding or custard and not a lava cake, but it was good so it wasn't a fail. We stayed out until dark, but soon started heading in. Anderson was quick to ask if we could make his bed-so that was done quickly. 

This is probably the earliest that our crew has been in bed on this trip, but I know that the bigs are exhausted. Anderson said that he had about 3 hours of sleep last night, and Reagan got one hour of sleep so of course they are running on fumes. Hopefully everyone can rest well tonight and catch up on some sleep. 

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