June 11, 2021-Collide Camping Week and Dennie Family Trip

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Bentley stirred first this morning-well, I had to go to the bathroom an hour before she woke up. Of course that meant sneaking over Robby while trying not to wake the dog. It probably would be polite for me to try not to wake Robby up, but there is no way I can get out of this 4 foot high bed without a bit of a commotion plus having to crawl over him before getting down. It is surprising that I don't wake the dog or the kids. And I have been drinking water like crazy today so I am sure that I will have at least one bathroom trip tonight.

This morning we had the traditional camp breakfast of donuts. Ha! Robby had seen a Shipleys nearby yesterday when we were running errands so that was this morning's breakfast. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman all went with him to pick them up. While they were gone, I straightened the inside of this thing-there is always blankets and pillows and beds to unmake in the mornings. Graham also got the outside ready for the day which was a lot of work.

They arrived with the doughnuts, and we ate outside. It was a pretty pleasant part of the day. Thankfully there was decent cloud cover most of the day long, but it was still hot and sticky. Maybe not as hot and sticky as it was yesterday, or we are getting used to the warm weather. Today Reagan asked if it was always this hot this time of the year. I mentioned that this was in fact June so yes, it probably is always this hot.

Fairly early this morning we walked back down to the water. Again we shoved Bentley in and again she quickly swam back to us. Probably instead of saying that she can swim, we should say that Bentley can swim 1 foot-that is about as far out as they could get her without getting soaked themselves. 

The kids rode their bikes some this morning and are still enjoying their electric scooters and hover board. We did spent a lot of the morning tracking Grannymom and Grandpa. They came to our campsite when they arrived. After a bit of visiting, we pulled out our lunch.

The air conditioner in the camper has struggled to keep up today. It has been so hot plus trying to heat a tin box setting in the direct sun is probably difficult. Currently though it is chilly in this place-it finally has cooled off tremendously (like maybe I will turn the heater on in the bathroom when I take my shower.)

Pretty much all of us ended up at the pool this afternoon. I even got it-the pool is pretty much like bath water so I was even able to get in. Whitman was just as happy as he could be playing in the splash pad area. That boy loved that splash pad area and could stay there all day long.

As we were swimming Dana and her crew arrived, and shortly after the Mississippi Dennies arrived. Robby had the baseball game on so that held most folks attention as we prepared supper. It was around 7 when we ate tonight-that was our intended time since 7 is when it really is finally comfortable outside. 

We had taco salad for supper along with camp fire cheese dip. It was all delicious and fairly easy to prepare. There were some baggo competitions as waited for it to cool off so we could make s'mores. By the time that we finished our s'mores, it was nearly 10 and folks started heading back to their cabins. The kids helped us clean things up and get stuff ready for tomorrow's meal. 

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