June 12, 2021-Collide Camping Week and Dennie Family Trip

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There should have been no sleeping in this morning, but when you rely on a dog to be your alarm clock you are taking a chance. Bentley has been waking up at 6ish to go potty, but today it was Robby waking me up after 7 with Bentley still snoozing in her kennel.

This little group of Dennies were making breakfast for the big group of Dennies. This took a bit of planning to have everything ready by 8:30-well, even with our planning we still didn't have everything ready by 8:30. 

Robby started first with cooking the 2 pounds of bacon. He then cooked sausage while Campbell made orange juice and Keaton started cracking eggs for the scrambled eggs. Next up was the hashbrowns and scrambled eggs on the griddle while Campbell and Keaton were making a few pancakes. (And yes, we had about 20 pancakes left!). When it was time to eat, I pulled the biscuits out of the oven and they were cooked pretty perfectly. 

Did I mention that it was hot this morning? I am not sure how Robby and Campbell did it-they were both standing over the griddles for the longest time. Oh, yes Virginia brought some banana bread which Robby also heated up on the Blackstone. And this is an aside, but I do think that there is nothing better than banana bread heated on the griddle-well, the butter probably is what makes it so tasty.

After eating, folks kind of scattered. We soon put on our closed toe shoes and headed to check out the zipline-leaving the outside and inside a mess. We had dishes galore to wash still and just left them setting out.

We did find out that there were spots for the zipline at 11:30 so we cooled off at Grannymom's cabin for a few minutes. My people, Grannymom and Jenna all did the zipline course. Robby and I have done a few ziplines and were impressed with this one. 

There were 10 runs and they were all pretty long-some were really long and pretty. Of course any ziplines that we do make us really want to take everyone to Soarin Colorado in Durango. Some day we do plan on getting the kids there. 

The zipline course was beautiful, fun and hot. Gracious! I know that our helmets and harnesses were just dripping with sweat when we turned them back in. Now Whitman didn't do the zipline this fall when we went to Mountain Home. However, that kid was not afraid at all. He was the first one on pretty much every run. 

Now Anderson is the only one of mine who doesn't really like heights, but he didn't have a problem at all doing it. He didn't lean back like Graham did or the girls, but he did enjoy himself. Grannymom was a bit hesitant to go on the course with us, but I do think that she enjoyed every minute of it.

When we finished, we headed back to Grannymom's cabin to eat our lunch. Sometimes there is nothing better than sandwiches. We gobbled up our food and enjoyed the air conditioner. Then my crew headed back to the camper.

Dana had rented a boat so Keaton, Campbell and Graham went with her on their second boatting run of the day. While they were doing that Anderson joined me and Whitman at the pool. Anderson and Grannymom then met Reagan and joined the boatters. Graham came back about the same time that I returned with Whitman. And when Campbell and Keaton were finished, they went to the pool with Anderson and Whitman again.

There were lots of showers during this time making it pretty difficult to keep up with all of the people. Thankfully they all returned home before it was supper time. Les and Robby ran to McClards to pick up bbq and tamales for our supper. 

Many of the kids said that they preferred Robby's bbq over McClards-that is a big compliment. However, McClards tamale spread just can't be beat. It was certainly my highlight of the meal. We ate outside and it was certainly pleasant. 

Josh sang some songs on the guitar while some folks played baggo outside. It was really a pretty perfect end to our family trip. 

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