June 4, 2021

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  • Some days are just full of nothing but work, and today was one of those days. Let me be clear though, the only ones working were Robby and I. The kids, well they didn't do a bit of anything. It is summer time so I guess they should get a free day or two.
  • While I was reading my emails this morning, I did jump out of bed to find some library books that were almost overdue. I did have one that was due today-I had already searched the house for that library book. 
  • Later in the day, Keaton and I did run to the library to drop off some books. We also went to the stacks to check and see if our overdue book is there. And sure enough it was-we checked that sucker in and I felt 20 dollars richer (the cost to replace a book). I would have to assume that the book just wasn't checked in properly by us or a librarian when we turned it in.
  • It took me a long while today to fry up 10 pounds of hamburger meat. I was only able to do 2 and a half pounds at a time. Plus I turned all of that meat in to taco meat so seasoning it took a little bit longer. It was 11 tonight when i did finish washing up my pans.
  • Three kids packed for camp today. Reagan didn't need or want any help. However the boys had quite a few things that they needed me to find for them and pack neatly in their bags. I was able to find everything that we needed, and thankfully no Walmart trip was required.
  • Three other kids packed for our camping trip. Campbell and Keaton didn't need much help at all. And now Whitman, who made his own cinnamon toast today, probably could have packed by himself-but it sure was easier for me to just do it really quickly myself.
  • Reagan spent the morning painting signs. I wish that I would have taken a picture of her room last night when she went to bed. There were signs everywhere-like no where to walk at all. Graham was pleased with his 4 that he is taking for his group. Keaton helped him paint some words today, and I even got in on the act of outlining one of the signs.
  • Whitman did make cookies today. I was in and out of the room quite often-when I did walk back in one time, Whitman mumbled something about "Dad telling me I couldn't do it"-he said all of this while cracking an egg. I don't think that he had ever cracked an egg before, but in just a few minutes he had cracked 6-with only one on the floor. And by the way, his cookies were delicious.
  • This evening we went to the pool. We packed our bbq sandwiches for supper. The kids enjoyed it, and we did too. We only stayed for 2 hours because when we did arrive at home, there was still things to do-our plan is to paint the boys' room tomorrow, along with dropping off the campers, a birthday party for the girls, and packing for the rest of us to leave the next day.

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