June 22, 2021

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  • Today wasn't the relaxing summer day like yesterday. It was a bit busy. I had to wake everyone up early so we could head to the Arkansas Foodbank at 9. We barely made it on time, but we did. Not only did we have to grab breakfast for the road, but we also had to bring bathing suits and lunches since we were making a day of it.
  • At the foodbank, there were lots of people there this morning. Usually we are the only volunteers working our shift, but today we were joined with 20 other young people. They were using an assembly line to fill boxes. 
  • Whitman actually helped them a good bit. His task was to put a box of potatoes into each box that passed by him. He did really well, and I think that the boys that were over there helped him out. My big boys worked on breaking down all of the boxes that were used during this process.
  • This left the rest of us cutting bags for fruit. Their fruit goes in these mesh bags which come from rope like spools. Once the bags are cut, then they have to be tied at the end. We made thousands of these bags. So many that we had to take breaks using the scissors because our hands were sore. It was a bit of a boring job!
  • We worked and worked hard during from 9 to noon. I thought that we worked so hard that we deserved Sonic drinks to enjoy on our way to the pool. After picking up the drinks, we headed to the pool and stayed there for 2 hours. Campbell and Keaton even snagged a later ride and stayed for one more hour before coming home.
  • I don't feel like we were home very long before we left again. I was able to finish getting school ready for the kids this next year. It isn't all ready since I now have to go back and do some fine turning of stuff, but I am definitely closer and everything has all the things that they need (well, except for reading books for Reagan and Anderson's english class at Comm Central and there is one more book that I really want to do for Reagan but I'm not too sure if I really want to do it.)
  • Reagan went swimming at someone's house, so Anderson, Graham and Keaton accompanied me to drop her off. Anderson isn't big on running errands at all, but we had shoes to exchange. We had bought him shoes that arrived today online which were too small. We found replacement shoes, which of course were more expensive. As the man was ringing me up, he asked if I was a first responder and could receive 10 percent off. I clearly said that I was not, but he still gave me 10 percent off. That just about made up for the difference in my shoes which made me do a happy dance. I did have to confirm with Anderson that I did in fact answer his question correctly since I did get that 10 percent off.
  • Back at home, Campbell made supper for everyone-chicken nuggets. We watched some you tube videos and then I promptly fell asleep right before it was bedtime for the crew.

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