June 13, 2021-Collide Camping Week and Dennie Family Trip

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Even though it was hot yesterday during the day, it was cool last night while we were sleeping. Bentley slept well again last night (I know, I talk about her like a baby-but really, she is the Dennie wildcard right now-none of my other people eat carpet or poop in the house...well, on the floor.)

As soon as Robby and I did wake up we started working. Even though we love our camper and camping, it is a lot of work. Hotel or renting a house is a lot of hard work too, but I do think that this might be a bit easier...or maybe it is more fun. Either way, Robby started on the outside things while I started on the inside things.

Dana came by to say bye and dropped off some leftover doughnuts and popsicles. Both of those helped get my people out of the bed. Pretty much everything in the camper that can be washed has to be taken in washed after a trip this long. So anything that I could do this morning to help our unloading/unpacking.

Before too long, Grannymom and Grandpa came over to say goodbye. Then it didn't take us too much longer, and we were on the road too. The kids were surprised when the looked up and already realized that we were almost home. 

Catherine's Landing was not only close to home, but it was a pretty neat spot to see. Robby and I are big fans of the state parks-especially state parks with trees. Catherine's Landing is certainly missing tree-it is really a glorified trailer park. Ha! We would definitely try to get another site there when we visit again so we would be closer to trees, but that would mean that we be further from the swimming pool. 

Once we were home, we started on unloading. Robby worked outside while I worked inside. The kids bounced from helping me and him. Within 30 minutes, we had finished unloading the car and the camper. The kids help so much during all of this. I mainly work inside just boxing stuff up and telling them where to put things-freezer, dad's office, laundry. 

We had been home for about 30 minutes when the neighbor wrote and asked if the kids wanted to come swimming. Of course, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were in their bathing suits before I had written back. Graham migrated over there for a little bit too.

The big 3 all had a meeting for their mission trip tonight at church. I drove them there, and Sara brought them home. When they returned home, the boys and Noah joined us in watching the Hogs play their ballgame.

While we were watching the game, I heated up bbq for supper. Unfortunately, the hogs didn't win...and it was probably because I didn't take a nap during the game. That always seemed to give them good luck. After the game, Noah left. Bentley got a bath and Robby and I worked on cleaning the camper.

Probably the highlight for the boys today was hanging up their LED lights that they received for Christmas. They were finally able to hang them since their room is now painted. Whitman was thrilled to see the lights in his room and I think that he was having a dance party at bedtime!

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