June 24, 2021

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  • Robby woke up a few times last night to check on Bentley. About 7:30, he finally did take her out to potty. Then he put her in bed with us and she snoozed until almost 9. We had a little sigh of relief when she did take a sip of water for me. She wouldn't eat any food for me, but a bit later she did gobble 3 pieces of food for Campbell.
  • Before noon she was still acting pretty pitiful. However, around two she started turning a corner. We first noticed this when her slow walk returned to her normal prance, and she even started gnawing on her hands again. 
  • She is still definitely on the mend, but at least she is much, much improved from yesterday. Our morning pretty much revolved around watching her and trying to give her something to eat or drink. I did tell Robby that our kids may not be very compassionate about somethings, but they are compassion filled when it comes to Bentley.
  • There was a game of Rubikub today along with some school work and chores. I didn't have a very long list of things to do-I decided last night that since I wasn't really going to get much done, then I shouldn't write out a long list! Ha! I did finish my list so I made sure to make everything attainable.
  • This afternoon we did go and pick up the camper. Robby was super pleased with the new air conditioner. I am not pleased-I am going to have to wear a parka in there now. I am always cold-even woke up shivering last night-and now I am going to be even colder in the camper. People will find it strange that I have to sleep in long underwear just to stay warm.
  • After picking up the camper, I took Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to the pool. Robby ended up meeting us later and bringing our supper. We stayed until the pool closed at 9 so the others had to watch Bentley.
  • She has started to want to lick her stitches which is a big no-no. So eyes have to be on her most of the time. Well, really eyes have to be on her all of the time! Robby made a list of who was watching her and when they were to watch her. So that did keep the non swimming crew busy tonight.

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